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why is your job asking you for money? — Ask a Manager

Just say no, but here’s how. Nope. no. not gonna happen. Not for my boss who makes three times my admittedly nice salary. Saying no to buttering up the upper crust also sets a reasonable example for my reports who are fixing up 15 year old cars and panicking about groceries. When I give a rational denial (but not an excuse!) my people are empowered to keep what they earn.

Here’s the script for “Not just no, but HELL NO!” And it makes you look like a truly generous being ANYWAY. It goes to them in writing– and on my family’s letterhead:

“I’m sorry to be forced to disappoint you, but all of our charitable contributions are anonymous. Our family meet on Thanksgiving and vote on which charities do the most with the hard-earned donations we give them. We only use excellent ratings from Charity Navigator to avoid waste. Then we set our budget because a whole family can do so much more.

We don’t ever give to top earners; buying Bill Gates or Warren Buffet a flight to Bali, (or even a Starbucks coffee card!) would mean ebery
our money wouldn’t be available to our favorite, Medicins Sans Frontieres.

We also donate to St. Jude. Other recipients are local food banks and homeless shelters.

The larger organizations have a 98 and 99% rating from Charity Navigator. They get the bulk of our donations. We don’t fund anything with a less-than 90%, because they’re already throwing parties and overpaying the already rich.
We occasionally donate to a different charity if they have an exceptional track record, plus an exceptional rating through Charity Navigator. To be considered, they must get their request and accounts to our family researcher/accountant, “M. Hercule Poirot” by the 30th of September. (link to follow)
M. Poirot will examine their books and budget and decide whether to present them as a possibility during October. We will look at the charity’s mission statement and financials and vote at our Thanksgiving meeting. All donations are disbursed by December 31 payable to the charity itself.

Your charity must have at least a 90% Charity Navigator rating to be considered.”

I say things like “I have already allocated my charitable contributions for the next year. Our budget doesn’t permit last-minute additions.”
I give this information at work, too. (Girl Scout cookies are special, though. To avoid hurt feelings, I buy them on the sneak or one box from each scout. I can eat thin mints and the coconut ring cookies until I pop….

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