Zayn Malik splurges £254,000 to buy baby sister Safaa a lavish new pad

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Zayn Malik bought a house for his baby sister, only a stone’s throw away from where his family resides

Zayn Malik can definitely take home the best sibling award as he recently proved to be a doting and supporting big brother for his teenage sister Safaa.

According to reports, the former One Direction member splashed out £254,000 for a luxurious house for his baby sister, only a stone’s throw away from where the rest of his family resides in Bradford, West Yorks.

The new pad is almost identical to what he bought for his parents Trisha and Yaser Malik years ago during his initial One Direction days.

Safaa had tied the knot to her high school sweetheart Martin Tiser last year and gave birth to a daughter named Zaneyah earlier this year.

A sourced quoted by The Sun revealed that family’s reaction to their superstar brother’s kind gesture: “They are delighted by Zayn’s kindness.”

“He knew they needed their own place with a new baby but Safaa didn’t want to be too far away from her mum. So, buying a place in the same street was the ideal solution,” the insider added.

“They’ve got their independence but a support network on the doorstep if they need it,” they added. 

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