WWE star Becky Lynch in tears as she announces she’s pregnant months after engagement to Seth Rollins

WWE champion Becky Lynch broke down in tears of joy after announcing live on Raw that she is pregnant with fiance Seth Rollins.

The 33-year-old revealed the news on Monday as she handed over her title belt to Japanese wrestler Asuka.

Becky Lynch had tears of joy as she revealed her pregnancy
Becky and fellow wrestler Seth started dating in February last year
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Lynch and Rollins have enjoyed a whirlwind romance after first dating in February 2019 before going public with their relationship in May.

They were then engaged three months later and now they have taken their relationship to the next level.

Revealing the pregnancy with fellow wrestler Rollins, she told viewers: “Tonight is no ordinary night for me. I’m torn between joy and sadness, ’cause I’m at a place in my life where things are about to change and I needed to do something about it.

“I have to go away for a while.”

Passing over her title belt, she told Asuka: “You go and be a warrior, ’cause I’m gonna go be a mother.”

Lynch then confirmed the news on social media alongside a picture of her jacket hanging up, that read: “I have no idea what happens from here, but I do know that you’ve made all my dreams come true.

“I entered the PC in 2013 not knowing anyone, I left that same building tonight with my new family.”

Lynch will now step out of the ring to focus on her child who is due in December.

She revealed how her time-consuming career left her worried that she wouldn’t be able to fulfill her dream to have children.

Lynch revealed the news as she passed the belt onto Asuka
The pair then had a loving embrace
Seth and Becky announced their engagement in August
Becky Lynch will now take time out of the ring with her child expected in December

Speaking exclusively to People, she said: “I’ve always, always wanted kids.

“I’m just so career-focused that it became one of those things that, when you’re chasing a dream for so long, I always wondered, ‘Am I going to get around to it? Is it going to happen for me?’

“When we got together, things started to look a lot clearer and I knew he was the person that I wanted to have kids with — that this was going to happen and it was just a matter of when.”

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