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Write for us: We welcome every professional blogger / writer / freelancer to send high-quality content to worldpakistan.net.
You can send to consider original articles that have not been published anywhere else, even on your own website with content based on your personal experience and / or professional skills, and we will review the article, we will publish if accepted. We order the right to accept or reject any article without reason. Before submitting your article, please read our guide carefully is a general web blog and we accept the species mentioned below but are not limited to lifeyet.com. We accept content related to the category mentioned below.
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Health & Fitness
  • Relationship
  • Real Estate
  • Business
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Investment


Write for Us Pen & Paper for Writing - below are guidelines
Write for Us Pen & Paper for Writing – below are guidelines


  • Pen & paper for writing – below is a guideline
  • Please make sure to enter the main editor (H2, H3 etc.)
  • .Contents written in only English are accepted
  • Write unique quality & content that add more value to our audience.
  • Content written only in English is accepted
  • Please don’t write for us if your content has published elsewhere.
  • After publishing your article in worldpakistan.net you cannot publish the article on other sites or blogs.
  • It is recommended to enter high-quality images / videos. Must be owned in the article and it must be unique and should not be published anywhere else or must be under the creative general. Llicense and also provide image sources if needed.
  • Add relevant & high-quality images with every 100 words to break up & make it more interesting for your article.
  • The link must be included with the right anchor text but only a link will provide a value for the reader (according to the search engine). Only a link can be added that makes sense to put (it shouldn’t just build a link). We will accept each link that will follow the search engine rules (we do not reject the link based on DA or PA but the sites that have been linked must follow the search engine rules)
  • We know there are lots of content on the internet and make unique and quality content is very difficult that is why we decided to allow everyone to enter the link to the quality and the link that satisfies users to be credited.
  • We do not receive posts with spelling or grammar errors.
  • Articles must match the blog theme
  • By sending your guest posts to us, that means we will have copyright and we can modify if we feel there is a need.

Checklist Before Submitting Article

Write for Us Checklist for Article Contents
Write for Us Checklist for Article Contents
  • Checklist for Article Content
  • Minimum 3 internal links added.
  • Headline (H1, H2, H3 etc.) Added.
  • You will share your article on your Instagram account
  • .You will mark @worldpakistanNet in your Instagram post
  • You will share our posts (posts from @worldpakistan) as your Instagram story
  • You will also share on your other social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Only one external dofollow link is permitted
  • Content is unique
  • No bio writer will be published

Article Format

Write for Us article format for guest post
Write for Us article format for guest post
    • Article Format for Guest Post
    • The title is well examined
    • Sub-title
    • Image (at least one feature)
    • At least three (3) internal links
    • No more than one external link (if we find more than one external link so we will delete our choice and will not edit your article for you.
      External link will be dofollow

Publishing Procedure

Write for Us article publishing guidelines
Write for Us article publishing guidelines
  1. Publishing procedure.
  2. Article Publishing Guidelines
  3. You will help us with SEO articles and your website.
  4. You will share your article on your social media profile by marking our social media profile
  5. If you want to publish a guest sponsor post then send a message to us at WhatsApp: ++923111155551 or email: job{@}worldpakistan . net or esamjadali(@)gamil.com