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William, Kate swapping foreign trips them with more traditional UK-based trips with their kids

Prince William and Kate Middleton are adopting traditional measures to fit into their role as the future King and Queen of England.

The couple, for this purpose, are skipping luxurious holidays abroad and swapping them with more traditional UK-based trips with their kids.

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Kate and William will have “traditional” stays at their Norfolk family residence Amner Hall and around the country, instead of heading abroad in the years ahead.

“Summer holidays at Anmer are the perfect way for Kate and William to decompress,” Nicholl told OK! magazine.

She added, “If there are royal engagements for them, they’ll be few and far between.

“While in the past we’ve seen the couple enjoy more lavish holidays skiing or visiting sunnier climates, they’ve been adopting a more traditional royal approach and spending their time at royal residences in the UK instead.

“This could obviously be the result of Covid travel restrictions but I also believe that Kate and William are transforming into the future King and Queen and therefore are adopting more traditional practices.”

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