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SHE IS mum to three of the most famous faces on telly – Ryan, Adam and Scott Thomas.

But as the brothers appear with dad Dougie James on ITV’s Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai tonight, who is the woman who raised them, Gail Waring?

 Gail Waring is mum to the Thomas brothers


Gail Waring is mum to the Thomas brothers

Who is Gail Waring?

Gail Waring is mum to the Thomas brothers, who found fame on a number of soaps and reality TV shows.

They include former Coronation Street and Celebrity Big Brother star Ryan Thomas, 35, as well as twins – former Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas, 31, and ex-Love Island contestant Scott Thomas, 31.

She was married to their father, musician Dougie James, 72, until they divorced after the birth of their younger two sons.

The split was not amicable, and she raised the boys largely alone due to his long periods of absence.

Ryan has said they weren’t in the same room again until his 21st birthday.

 The family pictured together in happier times


The family pictured together in happier times

The Thomas brothers are close to their mum, and she regularly features on their social media.

Gail – who works as a hospital nurse – has more than 10k followers on her own Instagram account.

One of the few times she has stepped into the public eye was when Ryan was wrongfully accused of punching Roxanne Pallett on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018.

Speaking on This Morning at the time, she said: “I can’t watch him cry and be distressed. It makes me very distressed, it hurts.

“He’s my baby, whatever age he is. I just want to reach out and give him a hug.”

The current six-part series Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai was filmed over a month, allowing the Thomas brothers to spend lots of time catching up with their estranged father.

Posting about the programme, Gail said she was “so proud”.

In the show, her sons head to Goa to meet up with the paternal side of their family tree.

At the same time, they get acquainted with their heritage by doing yoga, and explore the difficulties in their relationships with a group therapy session.

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