What are allergy shots

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This is a fun video describing allergy shots. .


One thought on “What are allergy shots?”
  1. I suffer from Relapsing Polychondritis, an immune-mediated inflammatory disease, I developed the disease at the age of 13 in the distant 2002 during the application of allergen-specific Immunotherapy (SIT)

    Since allergen-specific Immunotherapy can cause changes in the immune system, it is possible that it may influence the induction of diseases mediated by the immune system, such as autoimmune diseases, even some allergists point to the induction of autoimmunity as one of the possible long-term consequences of SIT

    It appears that increased IL-10 and TGF-B concentrations, as well as changes in the Th2 / Th1 balance, could lead to autoimmune problems in people undergoing SIT.

    There are several cases of people who have developed autoimmune diseases during this treatment and, unfortunately, like me, we were treated in a negligent way.

    Many of those cases have not been published, it is a sensitive issue that important measures must be taken.

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