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Do you want to be part of a project aiming to improve the sustainability of UK agriculture?

University of Leeds Quantifying the potential of different agricultural practices and interventions to sequester soil carbon (C) and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is key for reaching Paris Climate Agreement goals and the UK’s net zero target.

This evidence is urgently needed to set the new Environmental Land Management (E.L.M.) agricultural policy post-Brexit and meet the rapidly growing global investment market for climate mitigation measures, including private businesses off-setting or in-setting (i.e., mitigating within supply chains).

Within the overall research activities of the Resilient Dairy Landscapes project, funded under the Global Food Security (GFS) programme, the University of Leeds is collaborating with First Milk and Nestle UK to better understand how dairy farmers can increase soil organic carbon in their fields.

There is growing interest in and understanding of the potential role of soil carbon sequestration in achieving net zero, which has already led to the establishment of several carbon markets whereby farmers are being paid to adopt practices that increase the amount of carbon stored in their soil, and reduce GHG emissions from their farm.

University of Leeds Carbon offsets have the potential to generate private investment in the region of £200M-£750M per year for soil carbon sequestration.

However, for this potential to be unlocked, a ‘UK Farm and Soil Carbon Code (FSCC)’ is urgently needed, to give both farmers’ and investors’ confidence in the integrity of the carbon being bought and sold. The University of Leeds is part of the FSCC consortia, led by the Soil Association and the Sustainable Soil Alliance.

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University of Leeds jobs Knowledge Exchange Fellow in Sustainable Agriculture 1

We are looking for an enthusiastic Post-Doctoral Knowledge Exchange Fellow, with a background in agricultural systems and data analysis, to join the Resilient Dairy Landscapes team at the University of Leeds and contribute to the development of the FSCC.

You will help identify regenerative practices that farmers are willing to implement and will facilitate stakeholders’ workshops to systematically evaluate their impact. In addition, you will help set up long-term ‘observatories’ of commercial farms implementing regenerative agricultural practices that will help fill gaps in the evidence base in this research area over the coming 5-10 years.

You should have a PhD (or be very close to obtaining a PhD) in Agricultural Science, Geography, Ecology, Mathematics/Statistics, Physics or a related discipline, and have a significant component of knowledge exchange in your experience. You should be able to demonstrate a combination of enthusiasm and expertise in critical and systematic analysis, as well as excellent communication skills to engage with the farming and agri-business sector.

To explore the post further or for any queries you may have, please contact either:

Prof. Guy Ziv, Chair in Socio-Environmental Systems
Phone: +44 (0) 113 343 7994, Email:

Prof. Pippa Chapman, Chair in Biogeochemistry

Tel: +44 (0) 113 343 6837, Email: