UK Visa Sponsored Jobs from Overseas UK Companies hiring

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How to create UK CV :

How to create UK Cover letter :

Download the Free template of UK CV and Cover letter from here :

Sponsored list of employers :

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UK Point based system :
How to apply UK skilled visa(covered about 70 points & min salary requirement) :
How to apply jobs in Europe from any part of the world :

How to apply for job from India :
Top 15 job search sites : Top Job Search websites 2021 UK – How to apply jobs in UK from any part of the world :

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44 thoughts on “UK Visa Sponsored Jobs from Overseas |UK Companies hiring | UK Shortage Occupation List |Episode 09”
  1. Hi sarika my self Murshed today i was done by uk companies interview and i was selected for chef category and there told me manually prepared for home office interview I'm very afraid to face home office interview do you know it is true home office required an interview?

  2. I really appreciate your postings and work. Are there any sponsors for BSC. Nursing jobs in UK? I appreciate your kind reply. Thank you.

  3. Hello MAM
    In your previous video of PSW updates in UK you have mentioned about depending persons cannot apply on PSW visa. Is there anything alternative to apply for a dependent visa. The person who is having normal Visa is living there since 3 years and going to apply for PSW, and depending person is his wife.

  4. Hi ,i have 7 years of work experience in IT and still working. but my academics are not good. have second class engineering degree. will it be an issue if try for any job EU / UK. should i take IELTS to apply for work visa ?

  5. Thank you for your efforts. I have UK work experience as a UX consultant. Now back in India and trying to apply independently. Do you think I will get a chance of sponsorship?

  6. Hi Sarika. Props for this awesome video. Do you know what they mean in Ocado's job description with this "For all employment offers made for UK roles, it is expected that you will be based in the UK in commutable distance, ready for your first day of work"? Do they want someone already living in the UK?

  7. PMP certified professional any openings? Please kindly let me know. Thank you 🙏🏾

  8. Could you please find any sponsored job for me… Iam a post graduate in MCA.I am having experience in software development field.

  9. Hello my dear am new here, from Africa Zimbabwe , would like to ask how can I get a job as caregiver or Beauty therapist, please help me with the information

  10. Could you please help me find any sponsored jobs for the position "Lifeguard/Lifeguard Supervisor/Swimming Instructor/PR officers/Lifesaver"

  11. Could you please help me find any sponsored jobs for the position "BIM Engineer/BIM modeler/CAD or Revit Technician"

  12. I listen to your videos, however could you kindly focus on non science jobs, child protection, case worker etc for the benefit of those who do not have an IT or engineering background.

  13. Really appreciate you. Thank you. Can you pls make a sales job video for sales freshers pls

  14. Hi Sarika – Thanks for the video. Would really appreciate if you could share the RPA developer role with visa sponsorship opening as well. Thank you!

  15. Hi sarika .please help me through this..please let me know if the shortage occupation list of uk include job roles such as AI enginner, data scientist , Machine learning enginner.

  16. Hi Sarika. What you are doing is really commendable and I pray for more strength for you. You have been thorough with the videos you churn out and this really give people hope.Thank you for all you do. Kudos!

  17. Hi Mam
    Can you help to find maths teacher job from india 🇮🇳
    I shall be very thankful

  18. Please tell me in detail what are the investment visa/tier 1 visa processes and what documents are required.

  19. Hi Sarika, really appreciate your work. I am also looking for job in UK. I have done Bcom and have 4 years of experience in Genpact in operations team. My designation was Sr. Process Associate and role was Subject Matter Expert. Kindly advise which job is suitable for me.

  20. Do VISA sponsorship and relocation are paid while on your country or you have to spend your money and they will refund later after reaching to the office?? I want to know because others we don't have money to incure initial expenses, any body who knows it can reply

  21. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these videos. It is truly helpful to me.

  22. Hello madam I need a help so if you don't mind can you provide your whatsaap number please

  23. Please find Chemical Engineering visa sponsorship jobs in Uk and make videos on that….Sarika ma'am

  24. Hi thank you for the wonderful stuff .
    M looking for also sponsership in garment industry or something on manager post
    Need your advice

  25. I am a new subscriber to these channel from India. I want to know the scope of SAP FICO jobs in UK.Thanks in advance.

  26. Hi, Sarika.. Hope you are doing well.. Can you please provide me a details on Civil engineering sponsored jobs in UK

  27. Is there any other portal apart from NHS for life sciences where I can get job with sponsorship??

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