Balochistan political parties voice support for CPEC

OSLO   –  A day after winning Norway’s general election, left-wing parties on Tuesday kicked off what are expected to be weeks of tough negotiations to form a government replacing the centre-right in power for eight years. The Labour Party and its leader Jonas Gahr Store, in all likelihood the next prime minister, and his two preferred allies, the Centre and Socialist Left, won an absolute majority with 89 of 169 seats in parliament, according to preliminary election results.

Outgoing Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg acknowledged late Monday that her centre-right coalition had been defeated.

“In the next few days, I will invite the leaders of all the parties who want a new government to talks,” Store, who campaigned against social inequalities, said in his victory speech late Monday.

In addition to the Centre and Socialist Left, Store said he plans to meet with two other members of the current opposition, the Greens and the communist Red Party, who won three and eight seats respectively, according to the preliminary results. ,