Tips on how to Use Google Sheets

Tips: how to use Google Sheets for Web Scraping & Advertising and marketing

Tips how to use Google Sheets for Web Scraping & Advertising and marketing. We’ve all been in a situation the place we would have liked to extract data from an web web site in the end.

When engaged on a model new account or advertising and marketing marketing campaign, you will not have the data or the data on the market for the creation of the adverts, as an illustration.

In a fantastic world, we’d have been provided with the whole content material materials, landing pages, and associated information we wish, in an easy-to-import format akin to a CSV, Excel spreadsheet, or Google Sheet. (Or on the very least, provided what we wish as tabbed data which may be imported into one among many aforementioned codecs.)

Nevertheless that’s not always the best way through which it goes.

These lacking the devices for internet scraping — or the coding information to make use of 1 factor like Python to help with the responsibility — might have wanted to resort to the tedious job of manually copying and pasting in all probability a complete bunch or a whole bunch of entries.

In a contemporary job, my crew was requested to:


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  • Go to the buyer’s site.
  • Receive better than 150 new merchandise unfold all through 15 fully completely different pages.
  • Copy and paste the product title and landing internet web page URL for each product proper right into a spreadsheet.

Now, you can take into consideration how extended the responsibility would have been if we’d achieved merely that and manually executed the responsibility.

Not solely is it time-consuming, nevertheless with any individual manually going by the use of that many objects and pages and bodily having to repeat and paste the data product by product, the chances of creating a mistake or two are pretty extreme.

It would then require rather more time to judge the doc and guarantee it was error-free.

There must be a better method.

Good news: There could also be! Let me current you methods we did it.


Enter Google Sheets. I’d similar to you to fulfill the IMPORTXML function.

In accordance with Google’s assist internet web page, IMPORTXML “imports data from any of various structured data types along with XML, HTML, CSV, TSV, and RSS and ATOM XML feeds.”


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Principally, IMPORTXML is a function means that you may scrape structured data from webpages — no coding information required.

As an illustration, it’s quick and easy to extract data akin to internet web page titles, descriptions, or hyperlinks, however moreover additional superior information.


How Can IMPORTXML Help Scrape Elements of a Webpage?

The function itself is pretty straightforward and solely requires two values:

  • The URL of the webpage we intend to extract or scrape the data from.
  • And the XPath of the issue throughout which the data is contained.

XPath stands for XML Path Language and could be utilized to navigate by the use of parts and attributes in an XML doc.

As an illustration, to extract the online web page title from, we’d use:

=IMPORTXML(“”, “//title”)

This could return the price: Moon landing – Wikipedia.

Or, if we’re looking for the online web page description, try this:

=IMPORTXML(“”,”//meta[@name=’description’]/@content material materials”)

SEJ Home Page Meta Description Pulled with IMPORTXML.

This is a shortlist of various the most common and useful XPath queries:

  • Internet web page title: //title
  • Internet web page meta description: //meta[@name=’description’]/@content material materials
  • Internet web page H1: //h1
  • Internet web page hyperlinks: //@href

See IMPORTXML in Movement

Since discovering IMPORTXML in Google Sheets, it has actually grow to be one among our secret weapons inside the automation of a variety of our daily duties, from advertising and marketing marketing campaign and adverts creation to content material materials evaluation, and additional.

Moreover, the function blended with completely different formulation and add-ons could be utilized for additional superior duties that in every other case would require delicate choices and development, akin to devices inbuilt Python.

Nevertheless on this event, we’ll take a look at IMPORTXML in its most basic form: scraping data from an web internet web page.

Let’s check out a wise occasion.

Take into consideration that we’ve been requested to create a advertising and marketing marketing campaign for Search Engine Journal.

They need us to advertise the ultimate 30 articles which had been revealed beneath the PPC a part of the site.


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A fairly straightforward exercise, you may say.

Sadly, the editors are often not ready to ship us the data and have kindly requested us to seek the advice of with the site to produce the data required to rearrange the advertising and marketing marketing campaign.

As talked about initially of our article, a way to do that may be to open two browser residence home windows — one with the site, and the other with Google Sheets or Excel. We might then start copying and pasting the data over, article by article, and hyperlink by hyperlink.

Nevertheless using IMPORTXML in Google Sheets, we are going to get hold of the equivalent output with little to no menace of establishing errors, in a fraction of the time.

Proper right here’s how.

Step 1: Start with a Modern Google Sheet

First, we open a model new, clear Google Sheets doc:

Start with a Blank Google Sheets Document.

Step 2: Add the Content material materials You Should Scrape

Add the URL of the online web page (or pages) we have to scrape the data from.


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In our case, we start with

Add the URL of the Page You Want to Scrape.

Step 3: Uncover the XPath

We uncover the XPath of the issue we have to import the content material materials of into our data spreadsheet.

In our occasion, let’s start with the titles of the newest 30 articles.

Head to Chrome. As quickly as hovering over the title of one among many articles, right-click and select Study.

Open the Chrome WebDev Tool.

This could open the Chrome Dev Devices window:

Find and Copy the XPath Element You Want to Extract.

Make it attainable for the article title stays to be chosen and highlighted, then right-click as soon as extra and choose Copy > Copy XPath.


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Step 4: Extract the Data Into Google Sheets

Once more in your Google Sheets doc, introduce the IMPORTXML function as follows:

=IMPORTXML(B1,”//*[starts-with(@id, ‘title’)]”)

A couple of points to note:

First, in our parts, now now we have modified the URL of the online web page with the reference to the cell the place the URL is saved (B1).

Second, when copying the XPath from Chrome, it is going to always be enclosed in double-quotes.


Nonetheless, in order to guarantee that it doesn’t break the parts, the double quotes sign must be modified to the one quote sign.


Observe that on this event, on account of the online web page ID title modifications for each article (title_1, title_2, and lots of others), we must always barely modify the query and use “starts-with” in order to grab all parts on the net web page with an ID that includes ‘title.’

This is what that seems on the Google Sheets doc:

An example of IMPORTXML.

And in only some moments, that’s what the outcomes appear to be after the query has been loaded the data onto the spreadsheet:

Titles Imported in Google Sheets.

As you can see, the itemizing returns all articles that are featured on the net web page that now now we have merely scraped (along with my earlier piece about automation and strategies to make use of Advert Customizers to Improve Google Ads advertising and marketing marketing campaign effectivity).


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You might apply this to scraping one other piece of knowledge should prepare your advert advertising and marketing marketing campaign, as properly.

Let’s add the landing internet web page URLs, the featured snippet of each article, and the title of the creator into our Sheets doc.

For the landing internet web page URLs, now we have to tweak the query to specify that we’re after the HREF issue linked to the article title.

On account of this truth, our query will appear to be this:

=IMPORTXML(B1,”//*[starts-with(@id, ‘title’)]/@href”)

Now, append ‘/@href’ to the tip of the Xpath.

Import the Article Links.

Voila! Instantly, now now we have the URLs of the landing pages:

Articles and URLs Imported in Google Sheets.

You’ll be able to do the equivalent for the featured snippets and creator names:

All the Data is Scraped and Imported in Google Sheets.


One issue to be careful for is that in order to have the power to completely develop and fill inside the spreadsheet with all data returned by the query, the column throughout which the data is populated ought to have enough cells free and no completely different data in the best way through which.


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This works in the identical strategy to as soon as we use an ARRAYFORMULA, for the parts to develop there ought to be no completely different data within the equivalent column.

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And there you might have a very automated, error-free, strategy to scrape data from (doubtlessly) any webpage, whether or not or not you need the content material materials and product descriptions, or ecommerce data akin to product value or transport costs.

In a time when information and data could possibly be the profit required to ship greater than widespread outcomes, the pliability to scrape internet pages and structured content material materials in a easy and quick method could possibly be priceless. Other than, as now now we have seen above, IMPORTXML would possibly assist to cut execution situations and cut back the chances of creating errors.

Furthermore, the function is not simply an essential gadget which may be solely used for PPC duties, nevertheless instead could possibly be really useful all through many different duties that require internet scraping, along with search engine advertising and marketing and content material materials duties.

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