Recently, the Chinese government has begun to restrain the export quota of the rare earth. The countries like Japan, America and some European countries become rather worried about the policy, as they have always imported the rare earth from China for a long time. These counties blame the Chinese government for the new policy, while the Chinese government regards the policy as one of legal ways to control the resource of rare earth. Therefore, it is important for these countries to develop the rare earth in their own sovereign territories. In addition, the development of alternative technology to cast off tombarthite is also necessary.

A great upsurge of developing rare-earth ore deposits has been activated all over the world. For example, the Japanese enterprises have accelerated the cooperation with the foreign companies to develop the new mines beyond the sea. However, many people doubt that whether the exploration of new mines can help these countries get rid of the dependence on the Chinese tombarthite or not. The exploration of new mines can not realize the timely operation of producing tombarthite, and the demand of the resource among the enterprises can not be met to support the normal operation.

All the countries have tried their best to decrease the dependence on the tombarthite imported from China. However, the market dominant position China takes up can not be changed easily. Most of the projects of developing new mines outside China are in the preliminary stage and they can not provide various kinds of tombarthite products for the counties in need.

The export limitation of rare earth has been started by the Chinese government in 2005, which is a kind of introspection based on the large export of the resource at a low price in past years. Many Chinese enterprises explore the resource and enlarge the export at the cost of environment. In order to protect the environment and control the resource, the Chinese government begins to restrain the rare-earth industry and control the price by grasping the market. In addition, the government accelerates the introduction of advanced process techniques from abroad.

It is difficult to say whether China will increase the export amount of rare earth to the world or not in the future. It will take a long time for the world to explore and process the resource to meet the production. Various vehicles and home appliances can not be used without the tombarthite metals like neodymium and dysprosium. Therefore, the development of alternative technology can not be delayed.

Source by Alice White Green