The RAIDING now begins and the REBOUND today was just

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Today the raiding begins.. Along with that comes a BUNCH of High Pop PvP and that starts off not going the best due to these clans with only MP5s but we persevere and pull through with an amazing rebound..

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By shots

44 thoughts on “The RAIDING now begins and the REBOUND today was just what my soul needed – RUST #3 S3”
  1. it sounds weird but dylans video´s are the only things that keeps me alive, its like the only thing I look out for.

  2. Idk if it’s just me but I think shots felt really lonely before the squad videos. There’s only so much solo gaming you can do before you get a little disheartened. This break away from solo seems to have done you some good and you seem so genuinely excited to be apart of a team. Just remember you don’t have to be solo to be authentic, we love you for you. Content changes and grows with the content creator. Don’t feel pressured to go back to solo if you’re having genuine fun ❤️

  3. Everytime On my way home from work i know i can count on watching his vids n make my drive shorter ( im not driving obv )

  4. These videos are always fun but if late all you do is talk about smoking and I don’t think it’s cool when you get young peeps watching

  5. No joke thanks to the tiniest part of you talking about the electricity stuff like 2 or 3 weeks ago I now know how to do turrets and sam sites and lights. Thank you Dylan. <3

  6. compound is way to tight to the base. dont even need to build out, someone can just jump off your large furnaces and dip.

  7. I be giving John that good shit lmao , man smokes tooo much lol , I’ve been smoking 3-4 times a day for 4 years , I haven’t went a day without it lmaoo

  8. Smoked about year daily 1-2grams, then stopped school and went to work and instantly quited smoking, sometimes when life gets hard i think about smoking just for sleeping purposes but havent done so. Stress plays big part, b2b can be one damn clusterfuck

  9. How is it going Dylan? Hope ur good:)!

    Tf Dylan just came back and hear you talking about smoking weed wtf ?

  10. I look forward to your videos honestly. One of the only Rust players I actually enjoy watching from start to finish every time. By the way I smoke on a daily usually, but I do enjoy taking a month tolerance break here or there to remind myself I don't need it. With that being said, stop smoking bro. Shit is not worth it at all lol. It's pointless as fuck and it just kills you faster.

  11. everyday when i get home from school i make a sandwich sit down and watch shots honestly has become my routine thx for the amazing daily content :))😎💪🏾

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