The Herd | Colin "wow" Rodgers & Green Bay Packers def. Cleveland Browns to hold No.1 seed in NFC

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The Herd | Colin “wow” Rodgers & Green Bay Packers def. Cleveland Browns to hold No.1 seed in NFC.


47 thoughts on “The Herd | Colin "wow" Rodgers & Green Bay Packers def. Cleveland Browns to hold No.1 seed in NFC”
  1. I like how he says I don't wanna hear excuses about injuries yet co.plains about the browns Oline that has many injuries exactly like Green Bay. We have 2 guys that went out for the season this year our start LG and TE. We still win even with all that. That's why we can't close out games sometimes we just don't have that vet consistency

  2. Our linebackers are garbage, they can't tackle, same issues since forever but nobody sees it, probably is very hard. Our corners and safety are so bad but lucky. If it was any other good gb, not top one instead of baker it wouldn't even be close. Out rb do not produce nothing even do everybody is hyped up by Dillon Idk why, wr dropping balls everywhere, easy balls. Is only Rodgers and Adam's and a bit of luck!

  3. Cowturd always hating the Packers. Have no interest in his opinionated lies. He would do well at CNN.

  4. Defense plays to much soft coverage and the offense gets to conservative early.

  5. Gonna be another season where Rodgers carries a should be .500 team to a NFC championship game to be beaten while putting up 28-35 points and again will get blamed for not being able to carry them all the way

  6. He said he didn’t want to hear about Green Bay’s injuries and then mentions the browns absences 😂

  7. Packers have been hurt all year. "I don't want to hear about injuries" well bud, Packers are on track to the #1 seed without their best players on the field most the season. In other words, what excuses do the rest of the NFL have?

  8. You just said the packers were the best team in the NFL a couple weeks ago. All u guys change ur minds from week to week

  9. Lefluer has to have better play calling and let Aaron play freer late in games. The play calling has always been one of the issues

  10. He praises Rodgers but the O didn’t do squat the last three positions. They’re the worst 12-3 team ever. 🤦‍♂️

  11. Packers aren’t even near full strength and they are 12-3 lol it’s unbelievable they are doing this good with so many star players out.

  12. Colin is a looney tune! He needs to talk about something so he comes up with this rubbish. He's slipping he shouldn't even have a show, look at him,, pretty dweebie, really similar to Joe buck total nobody's

  13. Everything Colin says means opposite. Just like the BitBoy the Crypto. Whenever you watch them, they don’t really mean what they say. The next day they will become either a cheerleader or basher depends on the outcome

  14. The Packers already played San Francisco and were not controlled by them. They already played AZ and were not run over by that team. They already beat the Rams. They already beat the Ravens. They already beat all these teams you say somehow now have an advantage to the Packers when they do not at all have a better team than the Packers.

  15. This guy might switch opinions like draws, but he's right. I know we can do it we just gotta put up some 35+ pt. Games, I know some of those games teams came back in garbage time but Cleveland damn near got that.

  16. Oh shut up! 🙄 You change like you change underwear. All you armchair coaches don't know nothing.

  17. Browns would have won if they just ran the ball on the last drive instead of letting baker throw the ball.

  18. Bro Colin why are u flipping like that. We sweep the Afc north and Nfc west. You said we outplayed the niners after that game. You have said we are most injured. And we’re 12-3. How much are you complaining and flipping the narrative?

  19. Who says you need x number of blowouts to be taken seriously? I thought winning was winning. Packers and Cowboys still just walked away with one win each. Good luck blowing out teams from the two toughest divisions in football.

  20. Still can't forget that Colin literally picked both the Bucks and the Suns to win the NBA Finals last NBA season. He just says anything sometimes

  21. Just last week he was saying Green Bay was the best team in the league now they’re frauds like come on dude 😂

  22. How bout some consistency 🤔… we've been injured since the beginning just like the Ravens… not to mention YOU COLIN COWHERD have always mentioned the injuries… not the Packers!

    We can definitely tighten things up but get consistent on your takes here. Sheesh

  23. Watching that game it was very bizarre we got so many interceptions that lead to short fields to get points to me the office never got into a rhythm AJ Dillon Aaron Jones it was bizarre and then Aaron getting stepped on twice I think that’s when the game plan changed and we started to hold on but the defense unable to stop the run is unacceptable

  24. Collin: Any given Sunday or Saturday!!! Green Bay's in the playoffs; who the heck knows how far they'll go? I'm a packer fan so I hope they go all the way!!!

  25. “I don’t wanna talk about injuries”
    Proceeds to talk about Cleveland’s injuries 🤣

  26. Packers arguably had top 5 difficult schedule this season with non division games and swept the competition. Obviously the division is lesser competition compared to others

  27. The Packers got 'RUN' over in the SF championship two years ago. The GM did not do anything to up grade the D-line. They have the same personal from that game. That falls directly on the GM. Total neglect.

  28. This guy keeps changing his words. However, I gotta agree with him. I am a Packers fan!! Go Pack!! But the last two games for packers they shoulda lost!!!! The decision making is just garbage!!! Every time you look up they are on a third and long with a few minutes left in the game!!

  29. One week he's like the packers are the best team in the nfl the next week he's like the packers are dog shit 🤣🤣🤣 collin is a clown

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