Stephen A. BLASTS the Packers' organization after Aaron Rodgers' game-winning drive | First Take

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Stephen A. BLASTS the Packers’ organization after Aaron Rodgers’ game-winning drive | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin react to Aaron Rodgers’ drive to set the Green Bay Packers up for a game-winning field goal by Mason Crosby to beat the San Francisco 49ers, 30-28.
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45 thoughts on “Stephen A. BLASTS the Packers’ organization after Aaron Rodgers’ game-winning drive | First Take”
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  2. O my lord If Brady had done what Aaron did last night he would have been sainted by his PR team that is the sports media

  3. Good heavens…..Michael Irvin is the WORST TV sports personality in years, worse than even Booger. Did he have a stroke? Is he drunk? Is it CTE? The dude is borderline slug nutty…

  4. These guys are so jealous about the fact that A Rod refuses to talk to espn…. Espn is garbage.

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  6. Dak Prescott is NOT on Aaron Rodgers or Tom Bradys level IMO. Close, but not quite there. Just a step below.

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  8. Packers front office is so bad. Cant wait for ARod to move on. Packers will go back to the NFC North basement.

  9. Enjoy the complicated fella while we can. Here's a team with questionable coaching; including their OC masquerading as a HC. An inept president and a self centered all about me gm. Rodgers carries the entire team.
    Imagine if his d and st's played average football…

  10. Aaron Rodgers is a media dreamboat, he doesn't like to respond to media do they can say anything, and he is frankly a bit prickly, but I mean, when almost everything about you is negative, I can't blame him

  11. Ewwww get that white male QB off the screen it's ruining all the dIvERsiTy HiRes

  12. I just can’t follow this show anymore it feels kinda like watching scripted wrestling over the top acting cheese 🧀.. 😔yeah the days of 1st take being the number 1 sports show on the market is over I think unless they replace max with someone good It’s hard to find a cohost! ESPN struck lightning in a bottle by getting Max kellerman paired up with Stephen a Smith Right after having the good chemistry with him at Skip Bayless.. Looks like it’s going to be a while before they find another good cohost because Michael Irvin is not that guy.. no disrespect to the playmaker but this don’t work for me..

  13. Team max kellerman… I will never forget about that I’m sorry… god forgives I don’t

  14. Hey! I hope I DIE an EARLY DEATH. And if I don't? I WOULD be UPSET. THIS WORLD IS BEYOND BROKEN and MORE OF US THAN EVER LEAD POINTLESS LIVES. THE FUTURE IS LOST. We don't like to admit we're animals but that's all we are. Everybody just wants to help themselves no matter the cost. Even if the cost is our planet. I hate you all just for trying. You're trying to get yours in the face of a world that is teetering on the brink of destruction.

  15. If anyone hates Aaron Rodgers please watch a couple of pat interviews. It really shows how genuine of a guy he is

  16. The cocaine cowboy 🤠 got Stephen A & Molly on that yAyo. She almost too skinny anymore. Thick Molly needs a comeback.

  17. First Take used to he good with Skip and Steven A….now its just 2 black guys yelling at each other!!!!

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