Sonakshi Sinha discusses the importance of education with Nandita Das and others

Sonakshi Sinha shared her opinion about the significance of education, especially for girls

Bollywood star Sonakshi Sinha has always used her colossal platform and prominence to bring to light issues of great importance.

The Dabangg actor is stepping forth to talk about the right to an education for girls in a podcast, along with 30 other celebrities including Nandita Das, Ashwiny Iyer and Shonali Bose.

The initiative called Born Free & Equal by the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights comprised of celebrities sharing motivational and inspirational stories regarding their struggles.

Sonakshi shared her opinion about the significance of education, saying: “This is a right that has the solution to a lot of our problems. If you educate a person, most of the other human rights will be taken care of – you won’t have to fight for them because if you’re educating a person, they know that as human beings, this is what we deserve. It’s very, very important to me.”

“To live better, to feel better, to be good to others, to have people be good to you. And I think just to create a better world, whether it’s taking care of the environment, taking care of your country, taking care of the people around you, all this comes with being educated. So I think just to create a better world for all of us, education is the most important thing in the world,” she added.

“Education is just the most basic right. I think that’s why it’s so important to me because if you educate a person you’re empowering a person, especially women.

“And you notice in the recent past, I’ve been also kind of fighting for the education of young girls because they are the ones who are deprived of it.

“Why should they be deprived from it? If people were educated enough, they would know how not to discriminate between a man and a woman.

“Education takes care of unemployment. It takes care of the environment. It takes care of equality. It takes care of so many other problems. So it definitely should be a number one on everybody’s life,” she said signing off.

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