Shark attack: South African sharks are having their hearts and livers ripped out by otters | Science | News

“The carcasses were found around an otter den, and the bites were numerous and small in size – and very different to the bites I’ve seen made by killer whales on the sevengill, bronze whaler and white sharks.

“I noted that lots of ‘nibbling’ took place on the carcasses I examined.”

A video published last Sunday shows an otter at Miller’s Point munching on a shyshark.

The clip, filmed by Paul Bannister and shared on Twitter by Seafari, appears to show the shark struggling in a shallow pool of water as the otter bites out chunks from its underbelly.

Seafari tweeted: “Finally some ‘proof’ that celebrity #Killerwhales, Port and Starboard are innocent and not eating False Bay’s #sharks!

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