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Space Perspective revealed on Thursday plans of its ‘Spaceship Neptune that can take space admirers into the sky.

The capsule can hold nine people, and a mini bar.

Scientists say it will take two-hours for the public to reach their destination point, where they will hover over the Atlantic Ocean for another two hours.

Space Perspective have sanctioned tests flights for the start of 2021 with expectations to sell tickets three years later.

Trips will not be cheap for those who want to fly in this capsule as the company estimates the journey could cost around $125,000.

Space perspective was founded by Jane Poynter and Taber McMcallum, who were their creatives behind World view – a company that captures space imagery by attaching sensors to a balloon.

Space Perspective’s revealed their exciting thrill ride on their website.

They said: “For the first time, we can make the thrill of spaceflight accessible to you.

“Our explorers, in a safe, comfortable manner with minimal physical requirements and as simple as boarding an airplane.

“Our pressurised capsule affords a shirt-sleeves environment, and comes with a refreshments bar and lavatory, of course.

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Passengers descent from the capsule is also a thrill ride.

At the end of the journey, the capsule will drop into the ocean and passengers will head onto a ship to make their journey home.

Poynter said the mission was passion project and the idea was create a new perspective on how to view space.

She said: “We’re committed to fundamentally changing the way people have access to space – both to perform much-needed research to benefit life on Earth and to affect how we view and connect with our planet.

“Today, it is more crucial than ever to see Earth as a planet, a spaceship for all humanity and our global biosphere.”

Space Perspective aims to send an unmanned test into the skies in 2021.

Later test flights with crew are scheduled for 2023, and hopes to be inviting customers onto the new creation are expected to be realised in 2024.

Space Perspective hopes to have completed at least 500 missions into the atmosphere by 2030.

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