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Britney Spears Ends Relationship with Paul Soliz Over Concerns for Her Sons

Britney Spears has ended her relationship with Paul Soliz, her former housekeeper, due to fears that the romance could jeopardize her relationship with her teenage sons, Sean Preston and Jayden. Insiders claim Spears, 42, prioritised her children over the relationship, which could have “led her down a dark path.”

According to sources, Spears, who recently declared herself “single as f**k” in a now-deleted Instagram post, ended the relationship to focus on her sons. “She chose her children and her well-being over Paul,” an insider told “They did not get along, and he did not treat her how she deserves to be treated.”

The short-lived romance began after her split from ex-husband Sam Asghari. Spears was seen with Soliz at the Chateau Marmont shortly after her divorce, sparking concerns for her mental health. However, insiders suggest that reconciling with her sons has made Spears feel “whole again,” leading her to end the relationship with Soliz.

“He was nothing but a rebound, and she recognizes this,” the source continued. “She has contact with her children again, and this is what is most important to her.”

Soliz, who has a criminal past and is a father of nine, was reportedly not the right match for Spears. “She also saw how Paul was a deadbeat dad, and this was a major turnoff for her. His history speaks for itself.”

Spears’ renewed focus on her children comes after a strained relationship with them in recent years. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline moved to Hawaii with their sons in August 2023, but Spears has visited them several times this year.

Spears’ relationship with Soliz was never officially confirmed, and insiders noted that it was a brief fling after her separation from Asghari. “Britney hooked up with him twice and, at the time, did not know about his criminal past. She no longer has any communication with him,” a source told

The Grammy-winning singer is now concentrating on rebuilding her relationship with her sons, which she described as her number one priority.

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