Reactions to Ottman Azaitar getting CUT from the UFC Gilbert

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Fighters react to Ottman Azaitar getting CUT by the UFC!

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00:00 – UFC fighters react to Ottman Azaitar getting cut by UFC
Billy Quarantillo reacts to Ottman Azaitar being released by UFC
Belal Muhamma discusses Ottman Azaitar’s actions on Fight Island
Angela Hill reacts to Ottman Azaitar being released by UFC
Katlyn Chookagian reacts to Ottman Azaitar getting cut by UFC
Nate Diaz reacts to Ottman Azaitar being released by UFC
Dan ooker reacts to Ottman Azaitar getting cut from the UFC
Randy Costa reacts to Ottman Azaitar getting cut from the UFC
Julian Marquez reacts to Ottman Azaitar getting cut from the UFC
Aljamain Sterling reacts to Ottman Azaitar getting cut from the UFC
Eryk Anders reacts to Ottman Azaitar getting cut from the UFC
Luis Pena reacts to Ottman Azaitar getting cut from the UFC
Billy Quarantillo clarifies Matt Frevola vs Ottman Azaitar cancellation
03:59 – Alan Jouban gets a suprise visit from USADA
04:47 – Gilbert Burns releases new training footage
06:02 – Ashlee Evans-Smith gives injury updates, predicts McGregor vs Poirier

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49 thoughts on “Reactions to Ottman Azaitar getting CUT from the UFC, Gilbert Burns, Conor McGregor vs Poirier”
  1. Ashley your a SAVAGE and can’t wait to see you fight again! Hope you have a speedy and precise recovery 100% Love you Chicka! And nice call on the Diamond-McGregor fight as we all know The Diamond by TKO round 2 YUPPIE my guy smashed Coner!

  2. Why you kissing this guy's ass??? If he was soooo nice, and sooooo concerned; why didn't he just approach Dana and ask? Nice guy? Bullshit.

  3. It was him and his team…They all cant be that Dumb but i guess they are…I mean this is the guys career on the line..He can be as nice as he wants after the event…To do something that stupid means he was in desperate need of something …Thats why there will always be a question mark surrounding his actions and the bag etc…At this level you can't be making major screw ups but even if we give him the benefit of the doubt he has a team and they all screwed up too ….What a bunch of nice guys !!! lol

  4. His niceness took an advantage of him, so he couldn't refuse letting someone sneak in like James bond with a bag full of who knows what lmao

  5. Ottman deserve everything he got. There’re rules that people has to follow regardless of status in competition. Dana stand your ground with your decision to terminate ottman from ufc

  6. I agree ottman should have been fined hard but not released that guy made a bad decision common ufc

  7. I still wanna know how much Firas knew/was involved. Interesting to see that he wasn't at Sanchez's fight despite him being from Tri Star

  8. U can be nice and and humble or whatever, it don’t matter man, the ufc is a buisness, most fighters don’t fight mainly for legacy, barley any of them do, they fight for money, u can be nicest guy in the world, but if ur not respecting the rules, ur the worst fool in the world..simple

  9. Cut him from a fight is ok, but release him from ufc??? Is too much. What about conor and the trolly attack or John jones drug use. Fok ufc and fok conor. Always alhamdulilah

  10. When a fighter releases training footage it’s basically everything they’re not working on

  11. I know exactly what was in the bag,,, for a man to do so much to evade detection scale balconies to deliver a bag to this guy's room it had to be PED'S

  12. I hate to see one man that had nothing to do with something make so many excuses for the man who had everything to do with something.

  13. I love this guy defending outman. How dumb could you be. The guys literally put everyone’s health at risk by allowing some random person in the hotel.

  14. NICEST GUY? The Azaitars made a name for themselves with criminal activities in Germany and both brothers did jail time see online. To mention a huge portion of their wealth comes from prostitution and robberies before they started putting that money into restaurants. No brainer these guys are not decent people and they treat everyone very nice until they don't gain anything from them anymore, see their history with celebs in germany.
    Belal is clearly very biased.

  15. He is innocent for sure he probably made a mistake by giving him his wristbands instead of his watch.

  16. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂HE IS MAROC DONT FORGET ……. !!! They CHEAT ALWAYS IN LIFE

  17. Yeah Belal is dumb. He majorly fucked up. That's it. Don't have to stick up for people because they look like you or are the same religion or whatever.

  18. A guy like Belal and Ottman is why the Covid 19 case are increasing each and every day. These kind of people take covid 19 preventive measures lightly. Belal kept saying Ottman is a nice guy and all but being nice doesn't mean you can ignore rules and safety measures.

  19. Sources close to his team gave up the goods and said in the bag, along with other stuff, there was a "FLESH" LIGHT. Guess abstinence is tough when ur training for weeks on end.

  20. 5:00 was not new and its not a fan he was a friend and a fromer Glory champion who got in a serious car crash and lost his sister so it was a tribute for him

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