Rasul Douglas On Trade Block l Howie Is Keeping His Promises l Change At Corner!

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33 thoughts on “Rasul Douglas On Trade Block l Howie Is Keeping His Promises l Change At Corner!”
  1. He should just be playing safety that’s all and he would ball !! And he’s good , you don’t know ball

  2. Rasual dosen't have speed to keep up with cornerbacks if he had speed he would be top notch

  3. Tbh I think he is an outside corner he just got to get his technique right. I like the dude but I wouldn't mind trading him

  4. I think I'd rather him at safety than Mills. I think he understands what the offense is trying to do better.

  5. No they making these type changes cause 2 good football coaches coaches came in the east so they building now

  6. Would of rather had him play safety then Mills. But can see Mills was a cheaper option. Now they have trade bate in Douglas

  7. Look we can’t forget about how the pass three season been hell at CB please don’t forget no amnesia in this case they trash at CB

  8. I honestly feel rasul is being used at the wrong position he should be used as a safety,he’s not that fast but has ballhawk instincts

  9. Hey joey missed your stream tonight so I’ll re watch it later, but how do you feel about will parks? He reminds me of when we signed malcom with a little less of a reputation. A versatile DB who can play a little bit of everything, even special teams who will most likely stick to hybrid safety/LB like malcom and I wouldn’t be surprised if we extend him midseason & he’s here for awhile

  10. I don't like this. Jalen Mills has more years on the team & was more of a detriment to the Backs but Schwartz still hung onto him. He's a Safety play him there. The Eagles don't think outside of the box. Just like they did with Mamula & not moving him to LB

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