What's the reason for Shahnawaz Dahani's surgery before PSL 7?

Shahnawaz Dahani, a fast bowler for Pakistan’s national cricket team, had surgery to remove a little stone stuck inside his nose since boyhood, and he claims he is now feeling better.

The 23-year-old Pakistan cricketer had nasal surgery at a private hospital in Karachi, where doctors removed a little stone that had been lodged in his nose since he was a child.

The fast bowler announced on Twitter that he had surgery on his nasal septum.

“I had been having breathing problems for a long time due to a deviated nasal septum,” he wrote in his tweet.


He claimed that he had discussed the procedure with the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) medical experts as well as his family.

“Allah willing, I’m feeling much better now.”

Dahan’s nasal bone, which had been damaged due to a childhood accident, was also mended during the operation, according to reports.

Dahani will fully recover before the Pakistan Super League (PSL), in which he will play for Multan Sultans, according to doctors.

Following his two-hour procedure, Shahnawaz Dahani was released from the hospital and informed that his next checkup would be on January 4.

Hassan Ali, a Pakistani fast bowler, has wished Dahani a speedy recovery.

“Get well soon, Champion,” says the narrator.

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