Priyanka Chopra on why she is the most disliked actor in all of Bollywood

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Priyanka Chopra on why she is the most disliked actor in all of Bollywood

Priyanka Chopra’s list of controversies is perhaps longer than anyone else in Bollywood which has in turn made her susceptible to ample hate and criticism.  

An unearthed interview of the Quantico actor, 38, shows her addressing the amount of hate she gets and how she has been braving it all.

During an interview with GQ, the actor was asked whether she had the title of ‘Bollywood’s most hated woman’.

Priyanka replied saying: “I believe I’m interested and that’s why I get spoken about. I think the gossip around me is a result of the fact that I’m a very private person. I just won’t discuss my personal life in the media.”

The Baywatch star has been entwined in a number of controversies with her most infamous one being a hostile exchange with a Pakistani woman on stage at Beautycon.

The woman had accused Priyanka for being a hypocrite over her show of support for Indian government’s warmongering while also preaching pacifism as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

She had recently also been called out over her tweet in support of the George Floyd protests and the Black Lives Matter movement in the US while she has had a history of endorsing skin-whitening products back in her home country. 

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