Prince William broken hearted


Prince Harry’s allegations against the Firm have reportedly left Prince William in complete heartbreak.

Prince William broken hearted: The ongoing tension between the duo was discussed at length by The Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers.

During their interview with Ann Griper, on Pod Save the Queen they admitted Prince William has been ‘deeply hurt’ by the accusations.

Reportedly, “The issues about whether they (Harry and Meghan) were prepared to name the so-called ‘royal racist’ – the member of the Royal Family Harry and Meghan had claimed had made derogatory comments about the skin colour of their unborn child.”

“They were then persuaded not to (Finding Freedom claims), that would have been particularly explosive, especially because Harry said in the Oprah Winfrey interview he was choosing not to name that person because it would be very damaging to their reputation.”

He also went on to say, “Prince William broken hearted and was furious, as the book puts it, that she was choosing to air their dirty linen in public.”

“I think you can tell by William’s reaction when he was asked by a TV correspondent whether the Royal Family is a racist family, and he said, paraphrasing, that they certainly are not a racist family.”

Prince William broken hearted
Prince William broken hearted

“You could tell in his voice and his manner at that time, that he was particularly aggrieved. We’ve spoken about it at length, William was deeply hurt that that was their course of action.”

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