Prince Andrew risks receiving eye watering 360k bill from abuse

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September 19, 2021

Prince Andrew is reportedly staring down the barrel of a potentially eye-watering legal bill from his collection of employed lawyers for the rape case.

This claim’s been made by a lawyer defending Epstein’s victims, Spencer Kuvin.

According to his findings, Prince Andrew risks a $500,000 or £360,000 bill if proceedings go past 12 months.

He was also quoted telling Express, “Andrew is looking at up to half a million US dollars in legal fees for work over the next year.”

At the moment, “A high priced lawyer here in the States, at the low end, is $600 an hour rising to $2,000 an hour.”

“Just one lawyer is likely to spend 100 hours a year on a case like this, but a case like this could have two or three lawyers working on it and Andrew’s case is likely to last the next year at least, with multiple court filings, perhaps one or two a week as arguments go back and forth.”

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