President Radev Addresses Nation on Day of Bravery and the Bulgarian Armed Forces and St. George Day – News

Sofia, May 6 (BTA) – On Wednesday, President and Supreme
Commander-in-Chief of the Bulgarian Armed Forces Rumen Radev
addressed the nation on the occasion of May 6, the Day of
Bravery and the Bulgarian Armed Forces. In his speech, Radev
pointed out that after decades of experimentation, redundancies
and shortages, the Bulgarian Army has finally taken the
long-awaited path of modernization. ”This time, however, there
is no room for bargains and political survival games,” stressed
 the President.

Radev stated that modern weapons are indispensable to this
country, but that they should be procured through rational
criteria and procedures and an equal approach to the various
Armed Forces. Therefore, decisions about Bulgarian national
security should not be left solely in the hands of politicians,
the President said. He emphasized that modernization is a
costly, complex and wide process, but at its core are always the
 people, their professional training, personnel development and
social status. Today’s defense capabilities would be unthinkable
 without the soldiers, sergeants and officers who pledged
themselves to a united, strong and prosperous Bulgaria, the
President said.

Radev expressed his gratitude to the military for continuing to
uphold the cause of Bulgaria, with professionalism and
dedication, despite all challenges. The Head of State thanked
the veterans and the reserve officers for their worthy service
in the ranks of the Bulgarian Army.

The President also addressed young Bulgarians, because in his
words they are called to take decisive steps and to fulfill the
ideal of a modern and dignified Bulgaria. ”You will have to
succeed and win where we fail today,” Rumen Radev said, urging
young people to be brave when facing any obstacles.

President Radev also congratulated the Bulgarians on the bright
Christian holiday of St. George Day, and wished them health,
peace and prosperity. “May every ordeal we go through together
make us more human, stronger and more cohesive. The future of
Bulgaria depends on our wisdom, but also on our boldness and
united efforts,” the Head of State said. NV/DT

Source: Sofia

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