Pakistan urges world to adopt new approach towards Taliban

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Pakistani FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi urges international community to develop a road map that leads to diplomatic recognition of Taliban.
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24 thoughts on “Pakistan urges world to adopt new approach towards Taliban”
  1. LAL Chand rabari,a Hindu soldier of Pakistan who died fighting a Taliban affiliate,the TTP needs his due respect!

  2. ''conduct themselves in a way that can be accepted by the international community'' meaning corruption like themselves

  3. Saaar please saaar pakistan iz a terurist saaar vi indian hindu inbested afghan saaaaar your wuman beutifool saaar please sand bobs and vegan saaar 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Those people against this video or against this stance. What do you guys want? If no body recognize Taliban now, it will lead to a Chaos in Afghanistan. People will die. When America was there, there were people dying but no because of inflation. But now, if they are not recognized, inflation will completely destroy Afghanistan.

  5. hindu hain kah poti pay bethnay waly makhiyaan😂😂 hr news channel pay cmnts kay liay tayar bethay rehtay hain😂😂

  6. Imran Khan is Puppet of Yahood and he is a munafiq and against Islam and his team
    Long live AFGHAN TALIBAN and Pakistan
    May Allah help TALIBAN and Muslims of Pakistan

  7. Hamare hindustani bhailog, in gawaar logo par apna samay vyarth na kare….abhi Allah tala ne hame hasane ke liye in logo ki srishti ki hai….aur in logo ki ant bhi allah tala hi karenge..

  8. When Taliban rule on Afghanistan 1994 to 2001 drug production is Maximum 300 million dollars and when american and Nato come in Afghanistan then drug production is upto 50 billion dollars.
    What it means ?

  9. let afghan people decide about their government & about aid, its America's duty to help afghan people because of their war for 20 years, afghan peoples are poor.

  10. Pakistan is more curious than talibani to recognise by international world…same on Pakistan supporting terrisest,..TTP and Taliban both are same..why Pakistan recognise first leacturing other country

  11. Asking the taliban to form iterim government is like asking joe biden to work with trump or asking Imran khan to work with nawaz sharif

  12. When China russia And s0me rec0gnise the taliban the w0rld will beg t0 rec0gnise them keeping Lithium (Li) in the eyes.

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