Out-of-towners ‘fermenting unrest’ with police: de Blasio

media_playOut-of-towners ‘fermenting unrest’ with police: de Blasio

Out-of-towners ‘fermenting unrest’ with police: de Blasio

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has defended his police force, after a video emerged of a cop car driving through a wall of protestors on Saturday night during the protests over the death of George Floyd.

Two separate videos show a NYPD police vehicle blocked by protestors, who threw projectiles at it.

The occupants of the car decided to drive into the barricades to disperse the protestors.

Authorities claim no one was injured during the incident.

Mr de Blasio said he isn’t going to blame the police officers.

“Let’s begin at the beginning…the protesters did the wrong thing” in surrounding the vehicle,” he said.

He also blamed “out-of-towners” for the much of the violence that has engulfed the city.

The New York City Police Department have arrested more than 100 people as of Saturday evening, with authorities discovering 15 burnt-out police vehicles.

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