Odell Beckham Jr Allegedly Says Packers Are His Preferred Team | Pat McAfee Reacts

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Do you think we see OBJ join the Packers or another team?

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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46 thoughts on “Odell Beckham Jr Allegedly Says Packers Are His Preferred Team | Pat McAfee Reacts”
  1. Not surprised packers front office not good for nothing all Packers front office care about aaron Rodgers putting the whole team on his back like he done most of his whole career thats why aaron Rodgers leaving Packers 2022

  2. Guys a joke isn't worth it… Only 550 yards in the past 2 years and in the past 5 has 3 seasons of 300 or less.. Not to mention would just cry about not getting the ball

  3. Obj is more of a diva than Roger's which says a lot. Roger's is going to get annoyed when obj can't get open or keeps causing picks. Beckham isn't any good anymore.

  4. Being a long time Giants fan I take Odell Back in a second. I think the Giants kinda used " Odell Drama aka Cancer " as a reason for poor GM/Coaching staff at the time. Odell is good man off the field, and a very hungry football player, I think he goes to the Packers and goes in with right mindset, knowing that you don't have to make every play to be considered one of the greatest ever, it's about being part of winning a Championship and to do that it takes more than 1 great WR

  5. I dont think his attitude is a good fit. But… If teams try to double Adams then OBJ is going to be 1on1 a lot with the #2 corner and rodgers will take it. Adams will get more targets too because they cant double him every play

  6. He wont mesh will cause he is a all star. We already have adams cobb lazard mvs. If he doesnt get the spotlight he will just make a problem in green bay.

  7. If you’re saying no to this go watch the 11 minute video of baker not throwing it to him wide open, throwing it behind him making it uncatchable, or holding on too long and leading him way out of bounds. He’s still got it. Rodgers ain’t missin those throws. Who are you going to double team, Adams or obj? Then let MVS/Lazard/Cobb be the 3 and 4 receivers like they should be not the 2. Remember when we had Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, and Driver? Super bowl. Our oline is great. Our running game is great. Our defense is playing great plus have all pros coming back. GO FUCKIN GET HIM. If it works out you make the fan base and your top 2 all time QB happy and if wrong you get to tell everyone I told you so. GO ALL IN

  8. packers don’t have the 7 or so million in cap space they need to take him on haha -triggered vikings fan. god please have zimmer fired please i am begging

  9. UPDATE: If Odell Beckham, Jr. wants to play for the Green Bay Packers and catch footballs from Aaron Rodgers, he now has an offer on the table.That is the word out of 1265 Lombardi Avenue on Wednesday morning. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel beat writer Tom Silverstein has reported that the Packers extended a contract offer to Beckham for the veteran minimum salary, which for 2021 is $1.075 million over a full season.

    Given the context of Beckham’s contract with the Cleveland Browns, which was just terminated when he cleared waivers on Tuesday, the Packers and other teams around the NFL have no reason to offer him more than that minimum. This is because his Browns contract has offset language in it, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. The Browns still owe money to Beckham as part of that deal, but the amount Cleveland owes will be reduced by whatever compensation he receives from a new team over the remainder of this season.

    Therefore, Beckham will get paid the same amount whether he were to sign in Green Bay for the veteran minimum or elsewhere, so long as another team does not offer him a contract worth more than the outstanding amount that the Browns owe. Practically speaking, unless a team is willing to pay several million dollars to employ Beckham for the remaining eight games of the season, there is no incentive for a team to offer more than the league minimum. Should he receive only league-minimum offers, that would force him to make a decision purely based on non-monetary factors.

    Given Beckham’s previous comments, that would position the Packers well. They are absolutely a top playoff contender, currently holding the #2 spot in the NFC at 7-2 with a head-to-head tiebreaker over the top-seeded, 8-1 Arizona Cardinals. Green Bay also has the reigning NFL MVP at quarterback in Aaron Rodger

  10. Rodgers could put OBJ in the HOF, if he goes to the Packers, and they get on the same page. His route running is awesome, and he has a high football IQ.
    I'm surprised the Pats aren't going after him? Could've been Moss 2.0

  11. I’m telling you he will not be good anywhere I’ve watched this dude give up on so many plays it’s ridiculous he literally abandons plays after 1 second

  12. Pat you're wrong about the narrative… Odell is cancer. The pack has Adams as a vet? the browns has his bff Jarvis. The browns have quality vets all over… Watch if he joins the packers, gg wrapp the season for them

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