Job title: Consultant for Development of SOP for Service Delivery for Victims of TIP

Company: United Nations

Job description: Job Description

Nature of the Consultancy & IOM Project to which the Consultancy is contributing:

The Global Action against Trafficking in Persons and the Smuggling of Migrants – Asia and the Middle East (GLO.ACT Asia and the Middle East) is a joint initiative by the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) being implemented in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The project builds on a global community of practice set in motion with the project GLO.ACT 2015-2019 to assists governmental authorities and civil society organizations in targeted, innovative and demand-driven interventions: sustaining effective strategy and policy development, legislative review and harmonization, capability development, and regional and trans-regional cooperation. The project also provides direct assistance to victims of human trafficking and migrant smuggling through the strengthening of identification, referral, and protection mechanisms.

Under this project, IOM is working with governmental authorities and civil society organizations to develop assistance and support programmes for victims of trafficking and migrant smuggling.

The objective of this assignment is to carry out a Stakeholders and Gaps Analysis and devise one Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document – through an inclusive and interactive process – encompassing and outlining the role of relevant organizations which will include the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Labor Departments, Social Welfare Departments, Child Protection Departments, Police Departments and Non-Governmental Organizations. The document should reflect and outline the roles, responsibilities, and actions of these organizations/departments for service delivery to victims of trafficking and migrant smuggling in line with international laws and standards

Tasks to be performed:

The consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • Create a workplan to organize the process of devising SOP, and preparing a timeline for consultations, interviews, meetings and all activities as part of the process for finalizing SOP.
  • Prepare technical tools for assessing the gaps, capacities and needs of stakeholders including questionnaires, surveys, reporting forms and any other documentation to aide data collection.
  • Carry out a Stakeholder and Gaps Analysis through interviews, field visits, focus group discussions, meetings, questionnaires and any other tool required to gather information on the stakeholders involved in service delivery for victims of trafficking and migrant smuggling. The Stakeholders Analysis should bring out the roles and responsibilities of key players and institutions in Pakistan related to service delivery for victims of trafficking and migrant smuggling. The Gap Analysis should identify existing issues in service delivery for human trafficking and migrant smuggling and identify the issues and priorities of officials.
  • Produce a well written and comprehensive Stakeholders and Gaps Analysis report based on the above process including conceptual diagrams to best illustrate the roles of the players and institutions identified above.
  • Based on the process above, develop one SOP document – comprehensively including all relevant policy recommendations based on current practices, actions and mandates related to service delivery, direct assistance (psycho-social support, shelter, medical, legal, documentation etc.), case monitoring and follow-up.
  • Modify, Review and Format the SOP document based on feedback from IOM including editing the final version of the document in line with IOM’s Style Guide and Spelling List.
  • Respond to queries from IOM’s translation and publications units and providing inputs to the layout process.
  • Attend regular meetings with IOM staff to coordinate activities and report on task completion

Tangible and Measurable Outputs of the work assignment:

  • Workplan with the timeline for each deliverable
  • Stakeholders and Gaps Analysis Report
  • Describing existing stakeholders, policies, procedures, tools and mandates for relevant government stakeholders and NGOs/CSOs involved in assisting victims of trafficking and migrant smuggling, based on comprehensive visits, interviews and discussions with the stakeholders.
  • Not exceeding 20 pages
  • Visual representation of all stakeholders and mandates, correlations and overlaps in activities.
  • List of all stakeholders and focal persons consulted, along with report of meetings, interviews etc.
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Document
  • The document should guide relevant stakeholders on their roles and mandate related to victims of human trafficking and migrant smuggling. This will include roles, procedures and guidelines related to service delivery for victims of trafficking and migrant smuggling for each stakeholder.
  • Stakeholders include Federal Investigation Agency, Police Departments, Social Welfare Departments, Labor Departments, Child Protection Departments, and local NGOs.
  • Initially share draft version of the SOP document for review and inputs by stakeholders, focal persons, and IOM team.
  • Prepare and share finalized versions of the SOP document, clearly outlining mandates, processes, actions, and responsibilities of each stakeholder.

Final version of all documents should address final inputs from the project team and be edited in line with IOM’s Style Guide and Spelling List.

Performance Indicators:

The quality, targeted and detailed of the work performed as established in above as well as compliance with agreed delivery dates.

Remuneration and Terms of Payment:

Payment will be made to the consultant in three instalments, based on the deliverables, as per below: * 1st instalment: 25% (twenty-five percent) of the agreed amount will be paid to the Consultant after submission of Workplan (final version), Technical Tools (final version) and Visit Report for Stakeholder Analysis.

  • 2nd Instalment: 50% (fifty percent) of the agreed amount will be paid upon submission and acceptance by IOM of finalized Stakeholders and Gaps Analysis Report and first draft of SOP document
  • 3rd and final installment payment: 25% (twenty five percent) of the agreed amount will be made to the Consultant after submission and acceptance by IOM of the Final SOP document

Delivery Dates

  • Duration of the consultancy: three months.
  • Starting date: As soon as possible

The Consultant will provide his/her final work plan at the beginning of the assignment for the final approval of the Senior Programme Manager. The work schedule will set up clear deadlines for the completion of each expected deliverable.

Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experiences required:

The Consultant should:

  • Have a master’s degree in development studies, public policy, international relations, social sciences, social work or a related field with at-least 8 years professional experience, or a university degree in the above-mentioned fields with at-least 10 years professional experience.
  • At-least 5 years of experience working on protection, direct assistance, case management, and/or social work, ideally with some of this experience being within a migration context.
  • Have a good understanding of migration issues, in particular migrants’ rights and migrants’ protection mechanisms, within the context of Pakistan.
  • Experience working with government organizations in Pakistan is an advantage.
  • Good knowledge of English (written and spoken) and Urdu (spoken).
  • Analytical skills as well as communication skills with a wide array of actors.

IOM’s Role and Responsibilities:

To facilitate the process, IOM will be responsible for the following:

  • IOM will cover all logistical costs essential for the consultant to carry out the above tasks as per its standard procedures. This shall include cost of travel within Islamabad, travel and accommodation for meetings outside Islamabad and venue for arranging stakeholders’ meetings.
  • IOM will facilitate linkages with relevant government departments and their focal persons for organization of meetings, interviews, and other engagements.
  • IOM will provide temporary space in its office for the consultant, if needed.

How to apply

Candidates with the required qualifications should submit

Detailed CV

  • Cover Letter specifying the motivation for applying and justifying suitability for the assignment
  • A detailed draft work plan to deliver the assignment within the timeline stipulated
  • Financial proposal in PKR quoting consultancy fee and any other expenses that the applicant foresees in relation to the assignment

The documents should be emailed AND dispatched to the following addresses with reference number: 1204454_Full Name of Applicant_MMU_GLO.ACT.

Email Address:

Office Address:

IOM Pakistan

Plot 4C, G5 Markaz, Diplomatic Enclave,

Islamabad, Pakistan

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

IOM provides equal opportunity to all qualified female and male including the physically challenged candidates.

Expected salary:

Location: Pakistan

Job date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 06:40:45 GMT

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