Nayak Full Movie Anil Kapoor Rani Mukerji

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Watch Superhit Hindi Movie Nayak (2001).
Starring : Anil Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, Amrish Puri, Paresh Rawal, Saurabh Shukla, Neena Kulkarni, Shivaji Satam, Kitty, Johnny Lever, Pooja Batra, Razak Khan, Sushmita Sen (In item Song “Shakalaka Baby”).
Producer : A.M. Rathnam, Director: Shankar

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00:00 Movie Starts
05:53 Shakalaka Baby Song
14:48 Amrish Puri’s Entry As Chief Minister
20:07 Chalo Chale Purva Song
22:51 Bus Strike By Bus Drivers
40:31 Tu Achcha Lagta Ha Song
46:22 Anil Kapoor meets Rani Mukerji’s Parents
51:13 Chief Minister Interview
1:07:20 Anil Kapoor Becomes Chief Minister
1:24:03 Anil Kapoor Fighting Scene
01:29:23 Amrish Puri gets Arrested
01:36:01 Anil Kapoor’s Life in Danger
01:46:55 Chalo Chale Mitwa Song
01:54:28 Anil Kapoor’s No Interest in Politics
01:58:35 Anil Kapoor’s Parents get harassed
02:08:30 Anil Kapoor Wants To Become Chief Minister
02:20:11 Saiyyan Song
2:35:57 Ruki Sukhi Roti song
2:46:04 Anil Kapoor’s Parents gets Killed
2:59:22 Amrish Puri gets Killed

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40 thoughts on “Nayak Full Movie | Anil Kapoor | Rani Mukerji | Amrish Puri | Hindi Political Movie | Thriller Film”
  1. If this happen present the person will killed by politicians next day….this is india….there are more policians who runs criminals and rowdies the normal person cannot handle this much when people change and answer political persons and punish then it will possible

  2. हमारे योगी बाबा अनिल कपूर जैसे सरकार चलाई गुंडा माफिया प्रात भ्रष्टाचारी असद की संपत्ति सब्जेक्ट कानून का राज चल रहा है महान है बाबा हमारे हकीकत में हमारे हीरो योगी बाबा जी हैं

  3. Back when Bollywood movies were successful based on content rather than on item songs and kissing scenes. Bollywood experienced a huge transformation post 2003 starting with the movie Khvahish(2003). Who's to say if that led to the increase in the number of rapes and gangrapes in the country? The law of karma works in mysterious ways.

  4. 30:58: Me telling about Dduc computer teachers(Enemies): Kya 4 paise ke Dduc computer teachers(Shweta,Rajni,Sanjeet) hain Satanic Black magic karte hain sb pr
    #Corona Virus(Satanic Black Magic)

  5. অসওয়াম একটা মুভি। এই মুভিটা দেখার সময় আমার বাবা আমাকে বলছিল যে,হাসান!… see more

  6. 1:24:33: Me telling about Dduc computer teachers(Enemies): Ye Dduc computer teachers(Shweta,Rajni,Sanjeet) kiski kholi mein ghus re le hain?
    #Gully Gang(Poor People Gang) vs Dduc computer teachers Gang(Rich People Gang)
    #Death Contract by Dduc computer teachers gang(Enemies) in 2018(Ist yr)

  7. Watching again for the 375th time with same wet eyes as first time…. Ya Allah plz give this region such leaders…


  9. Ye movie janta ko jurm ke khilaf avaj uthane ke liye prerit karta hai🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳♥️♥️♥️ jay hind jay bharat

  10. 1:35:26: Gully Gang(Poor people gang) to me: Bhai koi ne aapko jara sa haath kya lagaaya aapne uska
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    Dduc computer teachers daraate hue: Ek shabd se koi kitna powerful ho jaata hai —Rajan,Shweta,Rajni,Sanjeet,DeepakDduc computer teacher

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