Mitch Trubisky Will Start Against Green Bay Packers || Chicago Bears News

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After trying out Nick Foles, Matt Nagy has decided to give the starting job back to Mitch Trubisky for Sunday Night. The offense did not improve in any way under Nick Foles which is why this change was made. Mitch will get one last chance to prove himself to the Chicago Bears. Let’s hope a miracle can happen ✊

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32 thoughts on “Mitch Trubisky Will Start Against Green Bay Packers || Chicago Bears News”
  1. I like Mitch but Nagy is not the coach for him. I want Mitch to get off but Nagy has to go. Get a Real coach in here and Mitch can be serviceable with the weapons and our defense. Mitch will be fine because he is mobile…

  2. I really hope that Bill clicks with how to call plays with Mitch playing. Maybe it'll prove nagy didn't know what he was doing with Mitch.

  3. Lets go Mitch! Dont try to be Mahomes be you and ger this W get it done we behind you

  4. Well, Foles has sucked. It doesn’t seem to matter who’s gonna be QB. You knew that with the same OLine group, we’d get the same results as last year. Welcome back Mitch, now go beat the Packers on Sunday night. It’ll be hard to play loose and have fun when you’re running for your life and getting pounded into the turf

  5. Hell yes! Bro I was so mad when they benched my man. I love how the media treats this man like he just trash. My man is what 24, 25, 26? Like what! Did Aaron Rodgers start off being mr fantastic. They need to build around trubisky! Which means power run game via 3 down back meaning YES you can run on 3rd down and larger revivers and more TE play action plays.

    I am happy! Hope he does well the rest of this year starting with this rival upset I'm hoping for

  6. You want to build a football team first you start with the line on both sides!! Wakeup!!

  7. Maybe there's a reason why Nick Foles has changed teams six times in his nine-year career???

  8. Literally doesn't matter how he plays…. Anything will be better than Foles.

  9. Mitch should have never been benched to begin with. NO QB can play well with no offensive line and zero running game. We need to lose out to finish 5-11 so we get offensive linemen in rounds 1 and 2 in next years draft.

  10. They have to re-sign Trubisky to some kind of deal after this season, right? I don't think a team throws him the farm in a FA deal, he likely goes somewhere as a backup. Sitting out waiting for someone to go down is not ideal, the Bears need to sign him and give him the shot again to win the spot. If he doesn't go back to Foles, he's signed through next year.

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