Mexico earthquake: Massive 7.7 magnitude quake strikes – urgent tsunami warning issued | World | News

The huge earthquake struck 7.4 miles from Santa María Zapotitlán with tremors felt across the capital Mexico City. According to United States Geological Survey (USGS) the impact of the quake reached a depth of 14 miles (23km).

A tsunami warning has also been issued for Mexico Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala following the quake.

Authorities have warned coastal Tsunami waves could be triggered within a 621 mile (1000km) radius of the epicentre of the quake.

One witness of the powerful force said: “It went on for what seemed to be about a minute getting stronger and softer. The animals were a bit panicked.”

Another witness in the village of Cajonos, 75 miles from where it struck, said: “Started very slow and it was increasingly strong.

“It shakes everything but for a moment, very intense yesterday night we have one on the same location Mixistlan de la reforma 4.5m and it seems is from the same place.”

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