Mel Kiper Jr. is picking the Packers to beat the Browns in the Super Bowl this season | Get Up

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Adam Schefter joins Get Up to discuss how the relationship has changed between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers’ front office. Mel Kiper Jr. and Bart Scott then join the show to discuss the expectations for the Packers this season, with Kiper predicting the Packers to beat the Cleveland Browns in the Super Bowl.

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45 thoughts on “Mel Kiper Jr. is picking the Packers to beat the Browns in the Super Bowl this season | Get Up”
  1. Why listen to espn about Aaron Rodgers when he himself will tell you on the pat macafee show?

  2. lol … the packers didnt even win one game last season against any team with a positive record… Rodgers is overhyped mediocrity .
    here is the records of the teams they won against last season.

    Bears~ 8 -8 season
    Vikings~ 7-9 season
    Broncos ~ 5-11 season
    Cowboys ~ 6-10 season
    Eagles~ 4-11 season
    Lions~ 5-11 season
    Raiders~ 8-8 season
    Chargers~ 7-9 season
    Panthers~ 5-11 season
    49ers~ 6-10 season
    Giants~ 6-10 season
    Washing Joke Team~ 7-9 season

  3. How do ppl still think this man is gonna get another sb? Even if he gets buccaneers chiefs clappin dem cheeks.

  4. Isn't Kiper the guy that remarked that Mahomes wasn't a good quarterback prospect? He has missed so many picks that he has become an idiot.

  5. Ha. The Browns are not going to the Super Bowl. The Packers have a disgruntled QB that will be a distraction; Browns don't have a Future HOFer at QB.
    Super Bowl LVI:
    Tampa Bay 30, Kansas City 23
    Only 12 of 55 Teams have WON a Super Bowl WITHOUT a Future Hall of Fame QB. Do your homework and figure out what made those 12 teams win a Super Bowl WITHOUT a Future HOFer at QB. It will really be a downer, especially in today's NFL, once you realize you're wasting your time rooting for a team without a Future HOFer at QB.

  6. Either Mel snorted a line of cocaine or took 3 scoops of pre workout or both. He’s literally shaking the entire video

  7. Browns are a better overall team then the chiefs. If we’re being transparent they were 1 bad fumble and a 4th down stop away from beating the chiefs. Chiefs might not be a lock.

  8. Kipper making this harder than it is: super bowl will be a rematch from last year. Packers will find a way to lose and the Browns get out early.

  9. Half of these teams owe the Browns just for the history…and if you want to know where their name comes from, research who Paul Brown is!….let's go Dawgs!!!

  10. You stupid mother fuckers are haters, and you say, "uh I don't think Baker's good enough". Without much to support that. Especially when looking at the 2nd half of last season, and his stats, where if you had actually watched any of his play, would pretty much make a mockery of your current opinions. I would say don't quit your day job. I couldn't even finish watching this. And yes your fading opinions will turn to total dust by the end of the season

  11. Dont Green Bay have to go through Tampa so Green Bay can get through Tampa but Cleveland cant get through the Chiefs or Ravens huh?

  12. Playoffs sure, but if you honestly believe the Packers and Browns will be in the Super Bowl, you need help.

  13. This is a lie. He doesn’t have full control to do what he wants after the season. Fact is all he did was make it so he can retire without paying back his bonus and got a year cut off his deal which isn’t over until after NEXT season. If he wants to leave and packers say no then we’re right back where we were on draft night.

  14. I'm going to need someone from the ESPN team to push on Schefter's bs. HIM, not Rapoport, was pushing all offseason that Rodgers was DONE. Any chance he had on LIVE TELEVISION he would mention how Rodgers was GONE no ifs, ands, or buts. Rodgers comes back and mentions how he WANTED to play with GB. Now Schefter acts fairly quiet when talking about GB. Just ridiculous. I think Schefter is just mad that he works for ESPN and Woj gets all the attention. He wishes he was Ian.

  15. The Browns have Kevin Stefansky, the reigning NFL Coach of the year! They literally have Pro-bowler potential at all positions on the football field. So just because they historically been known to lose, the fact remains, the Cleveland Browns, especially the Defensive line with Malik McDowell, Malik Jackson, Jadaveon Clowney, and Myles Garrett, bringing the heat up front! Can you say Nightmare!😱🐾🔥😱6

  16. Wow, what a dis Barney Scofftt!!! You're lucky you even have a job, it sure isn't bcuz your a wordsmith bubble jjjj gggg llll!!!! Bumble rumble stumble!!!

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