Listening to Aaron Rodgers helped the Packers beat the Cardinals - Max on Randall Cobb's 2 TDs | KJM

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Listening to Aaron Rodgers helped the Packers beat the Cardinals – Max on Randall Cobb’s 2 TDs | KJM
Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams & Max Kellerman react to the Green Bay Packers’ 24-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 8.

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45 thoughts on “Listening to Aaron Rodgers helped the Packers beat the Cardinals – Max on Randall Cobb’s 2 TDs | KJM”
  1. Man I said this all offseason. When other Packer fans were saying "Rodgers is a crybaby, they offered him the money". He doesn't care about money..He owns a piece of the Bucks, and the Bears apparently, lol. He wanted the respect and the guys he knew would get to his spots. If he had Cobb last year, GB would have another Lombardi trophy.

  2. Thank you Keyshawn, and Maxx Kellermann this isn't the NFC Championship, it's one game and the Cardinals loss the game.

  3. J. Williams stay with basketball, because Cardinals had a chance to win. Aaron Rodgers didn't play defense. Wasted Aaron Rodgers conversation.

  4. Rodgers telling the crowd after the game how much he loved the Packers fans says something too. I don't think he's going anywhere.

  5. I can’t stand Keyshawn. One of the most overrated crybaby receivers in nfl history

  6. Ok am saying this now remember when the Chiefs beat the BUCS last year in a I think a week 8 or 9 match up than the BUCS ended up beating the breaks off the the chiefs in the Superbowl, mark my word the same thing will happen here the cards will face green Bay again in the nfc championship game and the cards are going to slaughter them mark that down

  7. I love everything about this show except when Key has to talk about The Packers. Constant excuses to de-legitimize good play.

  8. Yo what is that background recording at 1:50 ???? Lmao can hear keyshaun say how his face is huge or something 🤣 espn sucks

  9. Good God has anybody seen the Buccaneers schedule how does a team that won the superbowl has the easiest schedule of the season

  10. This game exposed Arizona more so than it proved anything about Green Bay. The cardinals are a fast, talented, but small defense. They lost JJ, and while he wasn’t putting up amazing sack numbers, there was a reason he was getting all those snaps, and it’s the run game. He’s still dominant at the poa and setting the edge when you run at him, and he still is hellish on the backside and closes down a lot of run lanes against these zone run type of schemes. And while golden is great on passing downs, he’s not that run defender. And if you can get to the second level and get linemen hats on the cardinals linebackers you will be able to dominate them because they are small. They are not built for that, they are built to be clean and make plays in space on ball carriers. Green Bay is not the most physical offense out there. But they put it on Arizona last night, and since JJ is not coming back, I think we’ll see more of that for the rest of the season. Arizona won’t fall off a cliff or anything but teams will run on them and cause problems.

  11. I like that this show doesn't hate the packers and gives credit when its due, unlike that old man on fox

  12. Fuckimg stuipd cards had that gane mistake cost them that game .. and that was not a touchdown packers. Got stopped more than once 3 points. All that time they had the ball . Only 3 points. Cards did good . That's was not a touch down

  13. I always like max on first take. He seems much happier and more relaxed and natural in this role.

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