Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, New Rapper US album topped the charts in many countries after being released even though it raises several fans of a controversial special appearance by the stars accused of abusing.

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Kanye West is controversial

After weeks of delaying and several public listening sessions filled with stadiums, “Donda” Kanye West has arrived, adding to the music charts in many countries.

The two-hour album, 27 tracks released on Sunday morning has a special list of laundry performances, including from Jay-Z, Sunday, Travis Scott and Lil Baby.

More controversial, Marilyn Manson – who was accused of rape and sexually and psychologically misused several women – and Dababy – who recently triggered anger for homophobic comments during the show – credited on the 10th Western Studio album.

Kristen Stewart and Chris Brown, who pleaded guilty of the abuse of Mega Star Rihanna 2009, was also registered as a composer and lyrics on the track “new again.”

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Dating controversy

The album of Kristen Stewart – which touched the theme of religious redemption together with chaos in Western personal lives – changed dramatically for the past month during the Western listening session held at Atlanta, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Maybe the West will continue to play even after he released it to stream on Sundays.

After dropping the “life of Pablo” in 2016, the West continues to change records, add vocals, lyrics and new remixes.

Always one to the court controversy, the West an angry of several fans after Dababy and Manson appeared in the session listening to Chicago on Thursday, on the terrace of an emergency home that was intended to resemble a house of Western childhood.

Also in the session it was Kim Kardashian, who proposed this year’s divorce, ending the union that was almost awarded with the West.

But on the event listening to Chicago he triggered their speculation back together after appearing in a white dress and veil.

But according to a number of reports, the spectacle is purely metaphorical.

“Donda” was named for the mother of the Mercurial Rapper producer, who died in 2007. It followed the 2019 Grammy Winner Christian album, “Jesus is King.”

After the release of the album and divorce which was very published in the West, 44, also legally submitted to change his name to the old moniker “Ye.”

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