Kim Kardashian ‘had some trust issues’ during marriage to Kanye West: insider

Kim Kardashian ‘had some trust issues’ during marriage to Kanye West: insider

Kim Kardashian reportedly had a number of trust issues with Kanye West during the course of their marriage.

A source highlighted the truth behind Kanye West’s infidelity and was quoted telling People magazine, “There were things that happened during their marriage that Kanye has apologized about.”

The insider also claimed, “It was hurtful things that made Kim upset. Kim has had some trust issues. This is partly why their marriage didn’t work out.”

For those unversed, the news itself was revealed by the rapper himself, in a lyrical admission via the new single titled Hurricane.

It read, “Here I go actin’ too rich / Here I go with a new chick / And I know what the truth is / Still playin’ after two kids / It’s a lot to digest when your life always movin’,” he raps on the track.”

The same source also admitted that Kim was made aware of the admission, prior to the official release. “Kim was made aware that the lyrics in some of Kanye’s new songs were very personal and about their relationship. It wasn’t a surprise to her.”

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West Kim Kardashian.
Photo of Kim Kardashian in 2019.
Kardashian in 2019.
Born Kimberly Noel Kardashian
October 21, 1980 (age 40)
LOS ANGELES, California, A.S.
Other Names Heghine հեղինէ (Name of Baptist Apostolic Armenia)
Marymount education sma
Personality MediasocialilidemodelbusinessWomanAcress.
2003 Active Year Present
Known as
Kim Kardashian, Superstar
Keep Kardashians
Democratic Political Party (2016-present)
Republican (before 2016) [1]
Thomas Damon.
(M. 2000; div. 2004)
Kris Humphries.
(M. 2011; div. 2013)
Kanye West.
(M. 2014; Sep. 2021)
Children 4
Robert Kardashian (father)
Kris Jenner (mother)
Relatives of Kardashian Family.
Kim Kardashian Signature.Svg.
Kimberly Noel Kardashian West [3] [4] (born October 21, 1980) is an American media personality, socialite, model, and female entrepreneurs. Kardashian first received media attention as Paris Hilton’s friend and stylist, but received wider notifications after the 2002 sex ribbon, Kim Kardashian, superstar, with his girlfriend Ray J was released in 2007.

[5] Then that year, he and his family began appears in E! Reality Television Series follows Kardashians (2007-2021). His success immediately led to the formation of the Kourtney and Kim spin-off series taking New York (2011-2012) and Kourtney and Kim took Miami (2009-2013).

Kardashian has developed the presence of online and social media, including hundreds of millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. [6] [7] [8] He has released various products related to his name, including the 2014 Mobile Game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, various clothing and products, 2015 efofish photo books and eponymous personal applications.

His relationship with Rapper Kanye West has also received significant media coverage; They married in 2014 and had four shared children. [9] As an actress, Kardashian has appeared in films including disaster films (2008), Deep in the Valley (2009), and temptation: recognition of marriage counselors (2013).

In recent years, Kardashian has focused on its own business by establishing KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance in 2017. [10] In 2019, he launched Shapewear Company Skims, who was previously called “Kimono” but changing his name to the widespread backlash.

[11] Kardashian has also become more politically active by lobbying President Donald Trump for prison reform and lobby for Alice Marie Johnson to be given clemency. [12] He has advocated the recognition of Armenian genocide on many occasions. Kardashian also plans to become a lawyer by conducting a four-year legal apprentice supervised by nonprofit # CUT50 which was founded by Van Jones. [13] [15] [15] [15]

Time Magazine Includes Kardashian in the list of the 100 most influential people 2015. Both critics and admirers describe it as exemplifying famous ideas because they become famous. [16] [17] [18] He was reported as the personality of the highest reality television in 2015, with an estimate of total revenue exceeding US $ 53 million. [19]

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