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KARACHI – Building on the resounding success of the 1st “Roshni Baji” Women Ambassador Programme, K-Electric has officially announced the launch of its second cohort comprising 60 women from different parts of Karachi. This initiative extends KE’s commitment to uplift its communities and empower residents through targeted investment and support at a grassroots level. Mrs. Reema Imran, the spouse of Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail, graced the occasion with her presence in the ceremony as the chief guest. She was also joined by senior leadership from the company including Sadia Dada – Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Amer Zia – Chief Distribution Officer, Rizwan Pesnani – Chief Risk Officer, and Rizwan Dalia – Chief Peoples Officer and representative from FMO, Netherlands Development Bank, along with their Environment & Social Consultant.

As an equal opportunity employer, KE has been inducting women from a diverse spectrum of ethnicities, educational backgrounds, and ages, entrusting them with the mission of continuing the momentum and engaging communities on a customer-centric vision. KE’s diverse work force and culture is one of its key strengths and recognizing the potential of women in multiple areas of business. KE has inducted five Women Grid Operating Officers (GOOs) to take on challenging roles in the Transmission business. Furthermore, the company has also inducted a number of female meter reading officers who go out on the field to carry out their duties alongside their male counterparts.

Elated at the occasion, Governor of Sindh’s spouse, Mrs. Reema Imran said: “It is an honor for me to be the part of this occasion. These women are making their names in fields that remained male-dominated for decades, they are indeed rewiring the system through their efforts and dedication. I appreciate the effort that K-Electric is making in pioneering such excellent initiatives for women empowerment, and look forward to seeing more companies carry this example forward by developing inclusive programs which can enable women to play a more active role in the provincial and national economies.”

The Roshni Baji initiative was conceived in line with the UN’s 5th Sustainability Development Goal (SDG 5) that aims to achieve gender equality and women empowerment by the year 2030.

The program is also in consonance with the vision of Chairman NEPRA “Power with Prosperity” which focuses on uplifting the society at large. The first cohort of 40 women was inducted in February 2021 and underwent extensive training before being sent to various communities of Karachi. Only within 7 months, the group engaged over 120,000 households in their own communities to raise awareness about general safety, electrical safety, rain safety, power theft hazards and energy conservation. They were also trained as Pakistan’s first certified women electricians and were taught how to ride and maintain a bike, creating a new talent pool for the industry at large. In addition to providing gainful employment, KE has invested in equipping these women with skills and confidence to break barriers in an industry which is generally known to be male-dominated.