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Kyle Leblanc, a man serving a life’s sentence for killing his wife’s murderer, must survive in a prison where hardened criminals battle to the death for the wardens’ entertainment.

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44 thoughts on “In Hell – Full Movie”
  1. The black guy was sooooo right. At the 58 minute mark it does feel good to survive and NOT die! Just remember everyone NEVER GIVE UP, just like Van Damme didn't give up when fighting Andre. It looks hopeless, but when you are about to get murdered or kidnapped, do what he did. Attack the groin, bite and rip out the neck, and also poke out the eyeballs. Never fight a clean fair fight in a street fight.

  2. Its messed up cuz jail will turn u .I spent a few yrs of my life as a young stupid person made my mistakes but yea I was forced to do a lot of sh.t I didn't or wouldn't have done outside of the circumstances I met a lot of good people in there a lot of good wasted Talent down the drain

  3. Most prisons of old have killing fields around them as does orphanages and group homes.Absolute power absolutely corrupts.

  4. هذا الأعرج والمقعد يعمل مباحثاََ ومخابراََ للجنود عسكر المعتقل والسجن يستاهل ويستحق هذا العقاب الحرقة بالخمر في بدنه وجسده؟؟

  5. بطل من الورق ومن الكرتون المفروض ان تقتل هذا المجرم والسجين المصاب بشذوذ الجنسي؟

  6. Bro awesome movie shows that no matter what plp may try to turn u into light can still shine. 👍👍🙏 10 out 10 Actors killed it awesome work.

  7. Wow this movie was better than I expected. JCVD really put in an effort to act and it shows. It's not award winning by any means, but for him it's outstanding.
    Another prison movie that follows a similar theme of a man who lost his freedom and got screwed over by the corrupt prison system is Felon with Val Kilmer in a supporting role. That too had some gritty and fairy realistic MMA style fight choreography but it's story was solid as well.

  8. what a film! exceptional all around. camera movement is perfect. direction is seamless. the acting is really superb, all around. Van Damme really shines here.

  9. I must admit that this Van Damme movie was present surprise, and I thoroughly enjoyed. Great storytelling! Glad to see LT acting again. Still one of my favorite linebackers.

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