How to Kickflip Tutorial In Depth Trick Tip Tactics

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The kickflip is generally the first flip trick skaters learn and it opens the floodgates for other kickflip related tricks. Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to kickflip, breaking down the mechanics and individual motions for each foot. Even though the learning curve is steep, once it starts to click it becomes automatic muscle memory any you’ll want to start kickflipping everything in sight. Good luck and have fun!

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Intro: 00:00
Mechanics of the Kickflip: 00:37
Foot Placement: 1:05
Breakdown of Foot Motions: 1:52
The Jump: 2:04
Back Foot Motion: 2:41
The Flick: 3:14
The Catch/Spotting the Landing: 5:31
Putting It All Together: 7:10
Visualization & Commitment: 8:15
Tips For Learning Kickflips Faster: 9:45
Practice!: 10:18 .


32 thoughts on “How to Kickflip Tutorial | In-Depth Trick Tip | Tactics”
  1. yo guys, practicing your back foot is a small part of committing. Do it to practice keeping control over the board and after doing so, commit to landing it right after. I watched this video a long time ago and misunderstood the tip, I developed a horrible habit thats hindered me )':

  2. I have sooo much confidence now and trust and how do only six people hate this givees me mush more hope

  3. i cant land my front foot on😭 my front foot always ends up on the ground before my board even lands. It’s like it has a mind of its own and it’s so annoying

  4. This video is on my ballot for the Trick Tip Hall of Fame. Unbelievably helpful breakdown of the movement elements combined with great encouragement on mindset and visualization

  5. im putting on my shoes i did not know ur shoes balls needs to jump to get alot of height btw i got like balls of steel idc if i fall 🙂 ty i got confidence to land it today

  6. i am able to land the kickflip, but my problem is that i keep flicking down. I am trying my best to flick it up, but my brain just forces it to go down. Any tips?

  7. Hey Tim, very nice tutorial, i really like how u are doing kickflips! 🔥 I got my stationary kickflips down 🙃 but i still have trouble to flick forward over the nose… my flicking motion stops at the end of the nose and immediately gets back on the board in a kind of backward motion. have to work on that 🤞

  8. Thanks, I landed my first kickflips after digesting your video. In my opinion the best and most comprehensive kickflip Tutorial on YouTube. 👍

  9. I landed my first kickflip on grass like 5 months ago and now I’m trying to get back into them, but this time on concrete. Hopefully I’ll get these by the end of the summer!

  10. The only flip tricks I ever learned was a Ollie Flip…..where you faced forward and started an Ollie using your front foot to flick the board to the side and land it.

  11. Guys this is the best tutorial ever, I'm re-learning and evolving my kickflips after years (over 30 now) ehehe many thanks 😉

  12. This is the best kickflip tutorial I’ve seen! I’ll come back to this comment when I land it!

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