High Crimes

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Ashley Judd stars as Claire Kubik, a high-powered attorney whose perfect life comes crashing down when her husband is charged with murder by a military court. Enlisting the aid of a shrewd military lawyer (Morgan Freeman), Claire will risk her career, and even her life, to find the truth in this gripping thriller.


47 thoughts on “High Crimes”
  1. Great ,movie; lots of suspense: and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I had a feeling the husband did those atrocities, but it wasn't clear until the that Hispanic man stopped Claire and gave some useful info. .Great acting.
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  2. Great movie when it was out. Ashley was young and nice looking back then. Time takes it toll, then the grim weaper comes with his shadow helpers for you.

  3. The big twist at the end of this movie greatly undermines the whole movie. At the end of the day, it made no sense for any attacks on the defense because they were prosecuting the right guy. Amanda Peet did all she could to bring life to character and just be used as eye candy. Freeman was solid, but Ashley's character was all over the place due to poor writing and poor directing. While movie held my attention, its ending sabotaged the whole movie, thus highlighting all of its flaws.

  4. Awesome. Great cast. Beguiling topic. Betrayal. Betrayal on all fronts. A country is no better than its constituency. And the operatives that fulfill that country's agenda.
    Though this account may be fictional, surely the history of this Nation is predicated upon blood. Too often innocent blood.
    We are surprised but ought not be that these betrayals, that front for a Nation, are a result of the lies told us all. And the lies we tell one another.
    And the thread that binds them will be betrayal. Personal and collective.
    This cast, this ensemble, did a flawless job artfully telling this story. Kudo's to all: From the producers, to the grips, to the director to the writers to the lighting and those that marshalled the Cameras. We would be blessed if every movie we ever saw was as cohesive, instructive and compelling as this. It's that simple.🙏

  5. 2nd flaw, when mexican intruder tied up family why the hell did they not call and lock down the base when he ran ??? lame writer

  6. Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors everything he does is well done. And Ashley Judd she is so beautiful and is a very good actress everything she plays in its exceptional.

  7. )) the episode, when Ashley ran from the woman who was trying to get to "6th street" is hilarious!👍😁

  8. Morgan Freeman n Ashley Judd are just awesome! What a great film! I know I will watch again another time! What a PLOT….💕❤️💕🌈

  9. Good movie. I went to check to see if this was true or not. When the plot is twists, then it became unreal. It reminded me of another movie I saw about his lawyer who defended her husband called the Jagged Edge starring Glen Close and Jeff Bridges. Had the same ending.

  10. Even though the plot is a bit weak, comparing with the book. The cast, however, did a fantastic job to save the day. Caviezel's performance is convincing and unglamorous, yet, powerful.

  11. Great acting revealing the sin nature of fallen man. Jesus died in our place to reestablish a saving connection with our loving Creator. He mourns over everyone who chooses not to take advantage of His perfect plan for redemption and salvation.
    I took advantage of that redemption on June 27,1960 at 7:30pm. My name was forever recorded in God’s Lamb’s Book of Life. I simply recognized Jesus Christ as God who became flesh to die in my place as the second, sinless Adam.

  12. I had seen this movie before,but I enjoyed watching it again. Morgan Freeman is a historian and his legacy cannot be touched by anyone. Where is his star on walk of fame? Everyone will hear of his achievements once he's dead…..Why can't he get all his accomplishments and enjoy them while he's living? Hollywood does things too backwards,Individuals that deserve to get recognition are underrated. Ashley Judd is a Superb Actress, and she and Morgan Freeman need to be cast in more movies together. This movie was "SUPER OUTSTANDING."

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  14. Morgan trying his best to hold this movie together but the cracks were starting to show with Ashley

  15. Morgan and Ashley are a good team working together, would love to see more movies of them together

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