Hazardous Waste Discovered near Cherven Bryag, Northern Bulgaria, in Check of Specialized Prosecution Office – News

July 1 (BTA) – A check conducted by the specialized prosecution office discovered hazardous waste dumped near Cherven Bryag, Northern Bulgaria, the specialized prosecution office said in a press release Wednesday. The check was part of an investigation against a suspected criminal group involved in illegal waste import and processing.

In late May, nine people were detained in the investigation and later charged with illegal actions related to waste imports and management, including former deputy environment and water minister Krassimir Zhivkov, and businessmen Atanas Bobokov and his brother, Plamen Bobokov, the latter of whom has also been charged with trading in influence.

The specialized prosecution office said on Wednesday that the investigation has established that part of the waste generated by a company owned by brothers Bobokov was buried in silage and other pits in the land-use area of the town of Cherven Bryag and the village of Rouptsi.

Initial analyses show that the waste was more than 30 t and included parts from car batteries, which can be characterized as hazardous. Low levels of radiation were detected at the site where the waste was placed, which pose no hazard for human health or the environment.

Officials from the State Agency for National Security, the Interior Ministry, the Road Administration Executive Agency, experts from the Kolzoduy nuclear power plant, the Environment and Water Ministry, from other authorities and from specialized laboratories for testing of waste were present during the inspection. NV/ZH//

Source: Sofia

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