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Load video With its Christmas lights and dusting of snow, Kingston Falls is an idyllic small town–until the gremlins take over.

A father returns from Chinatown with an unusual pet, a Mogwai–a gift for his son. The rules are simple: Keep your Mogwai away from water, bright lights and, most importantly, never–never–feed him after midnight. But the rules are inadvertently broken, and the consequences multiply at an alarming rate.


46 thoughts on “Gremlins”
  1. Why would we have to buy or rent movies if YouTube could just put all the adds that would make the same amount of money

  2. After so many years I'd forgotten the ending. Stripe and his gang could be funny, especially in the show house…..Milk Duds…lol
    I so enjoyed this movie. Thank you

  3. I once saw this movie when I was in middle school I still get nightmares after seeing one of the evil gremlins the ones with the red eyes ooh they give me creeps

  4. My favorite mother serial killer movie. I always laugh extremely hard when it goes from "mom is terrified, grabs knife for protection" to [mom kills gremlins michael meyers style] in a 60s time period lmao.

  5. This is one of those classic that never goes out of style. This movie has everything comedy, scare factors, action and adventure and even a bit of romance.

  6. I saw this in the theater when it came out, man we were entertained with stupid crap back then.

  7. Gizmo was modeled after the Japanese Chin dog!!!! I have two of these dogs and they are wonderful!!!

  8. Love how this started a pg 13 rating…not for deagles death or the teacher or the sherrif…but cause mom blendered and microwaved two fake monsters….

  9. If Kate didnt like Halloween then she would have something in common with Lorie Strode he he he he he he.

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  11. Why is it necessary to take the dog to the bank? Can he not stay home with the housewife mother?

  12. It's because of this movie that I thought beetles were called "Farn Cars" when I was a kid.

  13. 17:18
    hears animal noises inside box
    "What is it? A bird cage?"
    first reflex is to shake the box
    What kind of POS protagonist are we supposed to be rooting for??? And he locked his dog inside a cupboard at work???? Wtf

  14. Not bad, I finally got to watch this is my first time I wasn’t allowed to watch this ever when I was little

  15. Please put more movies like this one. Now days TV is worthless I don’t even watch it anymore lame shows lame movies even lame cartoons. Also super lame commercial which i hate so much. After the 1980s there is nothing good on tv or the movies.

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  17. One of my favorites specially in christmas.Thank s for sharing thise one looks awsome super clear than the one i watch eatherway is really fun to watch over and over again.

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