Full movie 1993 Nightmare before Christmas

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Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town, but his attempts to bring Christmas to his home causes confusion.
Henry Selick
Tim Burton(story and characters)Michael McDowell(adaptation)Caroline Thompson(screenplay)
Danny Elfman(voice)Chris Sarandon(voice)Catherine O’Hara(voice) .


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  2. I love Nightmare before Christmas movie I watch it every single time when it’s Halloween

  3. This used to be are Shannon's favourite film I watched it about a thousand times she loves horrors yaaa she can come demon hunting with her dad the Celtic warrior hahaaaaaaaaa

  4. Thank you sooo much all the other free ones are in another language or look like somebody tried to make a replica but failed😽

  5. Tbh just cause this is my favorite and Halloween is around the corner I just wanted to watch this just for my childhood memories and for Halloween

    people in 2021 watching this gang where yah at?✨

  6. FINALLY someone actually uploads the REAL moview and not the editing fakeass bullshit. Thank you so much for this dude.

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