Fitra fixed at Rs170 per head

KARACHI: Former Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee chairman Mufti Muneebur Rehman announced on Sunday that the minimum amount of Fitrana, a compulsory payment to be given before Eidul Fitr, has been set at Rs 170 per individual in 2022.

According to Mufti Muneeb’s formula, the least sum that should be donated in charity was Rs170 for wheat (about 2 kg), Rs 480 or 540 for barley (4kg), and Rs 1,600 and Rs2,800 for dates and raisins, respectively.

Fitra with respect to second class Raisin was Rs 2,200 per head, he said.

The Fidya amount needed to be paid for the 30 days with respect to wheat price was Rs 10,200; with respect to barley Rs28,800; with respect to dates Rs 9,6000; and with respect to raisins Rs168,000.

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