Falak Shabir recently posted a picture of himself and Alizey Shah on social media with the phrase ‘coming soon.’ For a long time, fans have been anticipating the launch of their new project.

Falak Shabir, an Ijazat artist, and Alizeh Shah just published the first teaser for the song ‘Yaadain.’ Watch a new trailer for the song by Falak and Alizeh.

The Ijazat singer looks to be returning to work after spending time with his wife and new baby daughter Alyana. His most recent song, Lagay pyari, was co-written with his wife Sarah Khan. And now he’s back with another incredible song starring Bebasi. The artist teased the song with some Punjabi lyrics, thus it seems to be Punjabi.

“Pyaar wale dukh ashqaan de hise aye, Pyaar wale dukh ashqaan de hise aye, Pyaar wal “Aho gal beeafa samjh na paye ne,” says the narrator.

Falak Shabir is a Pakistani singer and songwriter. His breakthrough track Rog, which became an immediate smash and won him a Grammy nomination, catapulted him to prominence.

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