Eagles Secondary Is Going Shock People!!! Rasul Douglas Breakout Season!!! Thanks To The Military!!!

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Thanks to the Military this Memorial Day!!!
Eagles Secondary will be better then people think

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48 thoughts on “Eagles Secondary Is Going Shock People!!! Rasul Douglas Breakout Season!!! Thanks To The Military!!!”
  1. Not enough people are talking about Douglas. I agree he can definitely break out. And in a big way. Watch out 👀

  2. Love the hat, I am a veteran and still live in VA so I cant just turn on the tv and get eagles news thanks for the updates.

  3. Agreed but I would like to see Mills moved to the slot and Darby and Jones on the outside. Rasul is the X factor. I am only worried about our linebacker depth.

  4. So my son is a Bengals fan and he keeps on telling me that they're better than us 😂😂😂 I keep trying to explain to him how they're not but he won't listen got any suggestions Philly. 😂😂😂

  5. The only one I’m concerned about in the secondary is mccloud. He was responsible for the eagles getting beat down deep. really hope someone beats him for the starting role

  6. Dingdat BBQ, where the food greasy and the drinks are cold! Love the Eagles chef hat lol. IDK how anyone can dispute that the Eagles secondary is gonna be legit. We will be on the look out for Rasul Douglas's 2018 season and if he breaks out we will say we herd it here from you 1st. Shout out to the Military and those who have gave their lives

  7. In Australia we dont have memorial day and I dont have many army connections except one of my schoolmate's dads is the Navy commodore of Australia

  8. Joshisami Our cornerbacks are the position I'm most excited about. Sidney Jones I hope will be our next Troy Vincent or something. And then my opinion on Rasul Douglas is that he'll be a solid CB2. Tall, long and strong, hes gonna be good. Also Im higher on Darby than most, hes the quickest guy on the team, i wouldn't let him go, I'd rather let Mills go

  9. I think Sidney would be our best corner … I think when malcom leaves yea out Douglas at safety if not him put mills cuz that was his position at lsu

  10. My opinion is this… Keep Darby, Mills, and Jones IV as your starting lineup. Corners behind him should be Rasul Douglas and Avonte Maddox. We’ve kept 5 corners before in previous years and Douglas could serve as the gap for Corey Graham not resigning. Like I stated in another video, I do not want to go back to the dark ages of having bad corners. I believe we need to keep all the talented corners that we have!

  11. Hey King dingbat what's going on I had my prostate exam Friday I want to a really good doctor except I couldn't figure out how he was checking my prostate and had both hands on my back

  12. I am very high on rasul douglas after last year . I didn't want doug to give darby his job back because i seen the upside and how valuable the playing experience was for him …The back end of our defense has the potential to be just as good as our front 4 .. Hicks and bradham In the middle . Rasul could take corey grahams spot so malcom can play hybrid safety/lb and we still have to see how good sydney jones really is ! EAGLES has never had a team stacked with so many weapons on both sides of the ball . This is unbelievable PHILLY . .✌ to all have a good memorial day weekend

  13. Philly 5 amazing videos ur amazing person and one of the top elite of EAGLES fans I watch all your videos , I got you on my top faveroit soon as you out a video out my msg tells me keep it up go EAGLES!!!

  14. I agree 100% about Rasul Douglas. Douglas, Mills, and Jones will be the stars of our secondary.

  15. Sid is going to be a beast. Darby is very clutch. I think they underrate him. Hope he gets signed somehow. With all this talent at cb I think someone this or next season will get traded. Sidney Jones imo will be a top 10-15 cb this season.

  16. Salute To Service! 🇺🇸 God Bless Them All!

    I wanna see mills and jones on the outside and Douglas as a safety behind Malcom

  17. Fly Eagles Fly Championship sky Championship part 2 so what are you going to do Sports Fury great show yo show great

  18. The secondary is definitely better. Everybody has played here before besides Sidney Jones who should have been the first corner taken if the injury never happens

  19. I kinda Hope darby gets traded so Sidney can take his spot I dont hate darby I dont like him I’m ehh about him

  20. I think this hinges on Sidney Jones, if he’s good then you got a really good secondary so I hope he sucks lol

  21. We going to have the beat secondary this year will mills darby and jones and dougles and jenkins and mccould

  22. What y’all cooking dingbat? Can I get a couple Stella’s and a cheeseburger ? Shit man now that’s some hospitality!!! They don’t know about a Sidney Jones . Jones gonna ball out this year and emerge a star

  23. are secondary can be good if we play to our strengths… I want a very physical secondary to complement the pass rush. no more of this playing off crap!!!

  24. Brian Cushing, Bowma, Karlos dansby, lawerance timmons, Connor barwin (for edge rushing depth lol, like we need that) but anyway I made this list for you, I think we should sign at least one of these guys to get some PT at that outside spot, I guess I like these guys so much bc I grew up watching them in their prime

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