'Dirilis:Ertugrul actress

Dirilis:Ertugrul actress

A new Turkish film will feature  Ezgi Esma who played  Banu Çiçek in hit TV series ‘Dirilis:Ertugrul actress.

The Dirilis:Ertugrul actress shared her fans that she would play Maria in  the film titled  “HAKİKAT”which is due to release in cinemas in Octobers.

 Sharing a poster, Esma said she plays Maria in the film which tells the story of Sheikh Bedreddin, a 15th century influential mystic and scholar.

Dirilis:Ertugrul actress

Ezgi played the role of Banu Çiçek in the season two and three of the “DirilisErtugrul.”

The actrcess has amassed a large number of followers on social media with her stellar performance in the series.