Dannii Minogue creates Twitter debate after dodging hotel quarantine

Dannii Minogue’s self isolation in a palatial Gold Coast home has created a debate of double standards.

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles confirmed today on ABC radio the former Young Talent Time star was quarantining from a private location in the Sunshine State.

The celebrity returned to Australia from the US with her son in tow, but unlike the majority of overseas travellers arriving in the state, she won’t be doing her quarantine tough in a Queensland Government mandated hotel.

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Instead, the former pop starlet and Masked Singer Australia star will be quarantining at a private home after receiving a special exemption from the state government.

Twitter erupted with cries of double standards and how a celebrity can bypass Health Department restrictions.

Wendy Keating posted: “Cancer patient, Stephen Evans, forced to stay in Sydney hotel quarantine despite doctors orders … ⁩ why does Dannii Minogue get an exemption utter bollocks.

Adam Zwar tweeted: “That report‘s hard to watch from quarantine. It’d be nice for us all to be in our homes. So what medical condition did Kerry Stokes and Dannii Minogue have that got them across the line? I always tell people how egalitarian we are and then this happens.”

And from Jim Malo: “ … why am I stuck in a s … tty hotel, eating slop, guarded by dozens of cops and paying $2800 for the honour, while Dannii Minogue gets to stay in her no doubt multi-million dollar home? Also come test me … someone was supposed to come today but never materialised.”

Queensland Labor Senator Matt Canavan said on Sky News today the decision reeked of double standards and understood the public reaction.

He said any star, no matter who you were, should be subject to quarantine.

Health Minister Steven Miles went on to say that all travellers entering the state were eligible for this type of exemption and could be applied for prior arrival in Queensland.

Here are the rules the state government will expect Ms Minogue to follow while quarantining:

  • she will have to remain indoors at the nominated residence for 14 days from when she arrived
  • no other person can enter the residence during this period

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If you aren’t Dannii Minogue or haven’t received an exemption the state government will expect you to quarantine if, in the last 14 days, they have travelled overseas; been in a COVID-19 hotspot; been in contact with someone who has the virus; or is displaying symptoms.

And a stay in a Queensland Government, police-commanded hotel quarantine won’t be cheap.

The cost of quarantine includes your stay, as well as your daily meals and for one adult it will set you back $2800, for two adults $3710 and for a family of $4620 for a family of two adults and two children.

And you’ll be expected to pay within 30 days after leaving quarantine.

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