CSS Exams Result 2021 List of Pass Candidates

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CSS Exams Result 2021 of Successful & Rejected candidates can be check here. Federal Public Service Commission FPSC announced List of Pass Candidates on September 30, 2021. FPSC is pleased to notify following candidates as qualified in the written part of CSS Competitive Examination 2021 subject to Rule 11 (20) of CSS Competitive Exam (CE) Rules 2019 and other related prerequisites / requirements specified therein.

According to a press released by FPSC, 39,650 are the total candidates who applied for the exam, of which 17,240 appeared and only 364 passed the written portion. This year passing percentage of written exam is 2.11% which is higher than the passing percentage of last year which was 2.03%.

Statistics of Competitive CSS Exams Result 2021
Candidates Applied 39,650
Candidates Appeared 17,240
Candidates Passed in Written Exams 364
Pass Percentage of Written Exam 2.11%
Candidates finally qualified after Viva Voce Waiting
Pass percentage of finally qualified candidates Waiting
Candidates recommended for appointment Waiting


  1. Click below to download PDF file of CSS Exams Result 2021 List of Pass Candidates as well as Rejected Candidates.
  2. Result of rejected candidates shall remain withheld as per Rule 16 (6) of CE Rules 2019. Result of remaining candidates who could not pass may be viewed at FPSC’s website www.fpsc.gov.pk.
  3. Candidates who have passed the written examination will be intimated about the schedule of Medical Examination, Psychological Assessment and Viva Voce in due course of time. They are advised to stay informed by visiting FPSC website regularly.
  4. Due care has been taken to ensure accuracy and correctness. However, the Commission reserves the rights of rectifying any error and omission etc. at any time.

Competitive Written Examination CSS Exams Result 2021:

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